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The Lilycove Department Store is a supermarket located in Lilycove City, and joins the likes of Goldenrod Department Store in that it is a comprehensive location for medicinal wares, battle items and Secret Base accessories. There are 6 floors which make up the building, each one offering different products.


First Floor

On the first floor of the Department Store, there are two receptionists, one who welcomes you into the department store, and one who offers to draw a daily lottery ticket. The lottery ticket numbers have to correspond with the numbers of your Trainer ID. The prizes are as follows:

  • PP Up - received for matching the last two digits of the Trainer ID.
  • Exp. Share - received for matching the last three digits of the Trainer ID.
  • Max Revive - received for matching the last four digits of the Trainer ID.
  • Master Ball - received for matching all of the Trainer ID's digits.

Second Floor

On the second floor of the Department Store, the attendants sell items which are indispensable to a Trainer. Such items are as follows:

Item Sprite Price
Poké Ball Poké Ball — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Great Ball Great Ball — 600 Poké Dollar.png600
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball — 1200 Poké Dollar.png1200
Revive Revive — 1500 Poké Dollar.png1500
Antidote Antidote — 100 Poké Dollar.png100
Burn Heal Burn Heal — 250 Poké Dollar.png250
Awakening Awakening — 250 Poké Dollar.png250
Fluffy Tail Fluffy Tail — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Full Heal Full Heal — 600 Poké Dollar.png600
Paralyze Heal Paralyze Heal — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Ice Heal Ice Heal — 250 Poké Dollar.png250
Escape Rope Escape Rope — 550 Poké Dollar.png550

Third Floor

The Third Floor of the Department Store contains items that can be used to boost a Pokémon's stat values.

Item Sprite Price
Protein Protein — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Calcium Calcium — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Carbos Carbos — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Zinc Zinc — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
HP Up HP Up — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Iron Iron — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
X Speed X Speed — 350 Poké Dollar.png350
X Attack X Attack — 500 Poké Dollar.png500
X Defend X Defend — 550 Poké Dollar.png550
X Accuracy X Accuracy — 950 Poké Dollar.png950
X Special X Special — 350 Poké Dollar.png350
Dire Hit Dire Hit — 650 Poké Dollar.png650
Guard Spec. Guard Spec. — 700 Poké Dollar.png700

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor sells a variety of offensive and defensive TMs.

Item Sprite Price
Fire Blast Fire Blast — 5500 Poké Dollar.png5500
Thunder Thunder — 5500 Poké Dollar.png5500
Blizzard Blizzard — 5500 Poké Dollar.png5500
Hyper Beam Hyper Beam — 7500 Poké Dollar.png7500
Protect Protect — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Safeguard Safeguard — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Reflect Reflect — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Light Screen Light Screen — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000

Fifth Floor

The Fifth Floor sells a variety of objects which can be used in Secret Bases.

Item Sprite Price
Pichu Doll Pichu Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Pikachu Doll Pikachu Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Marill Doll Marill Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Jigglypuff Doll Jigglypuff Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png9800
Duskull Doll Duskull Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Wynaut Doll Wynaut Doll— 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Baltoy Doll Baltoy Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Kecleon Doll Kecleon Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Azurill Doll Poké Dollar.png3000
Skitty Doll Skitty Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Swablu Doll Swablu Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Gulpin Doll Gulpin Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Pika Cushion Pika Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Round Cushion Round Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Zigzag Cushion Zigzag Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Spin Cushion Spinda Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Diamond Cushion Diamond Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Ball Cushion Ball Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Grass Cushion Grass Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Fire Cushion Fire Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Water Cushion Water Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Ball Poster Ball Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Green Poster Green Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Red Poster Red Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Blue Poster Blue Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Cute Poster Cute Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Pika Poster Pika Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Long Poster Long Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Sea Poster Sea Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Sky Poster Sky Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Surf Mat Surf Mat — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Thunder Mat Thunder Mat — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Fire Blast Mat Fire Blast — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Powder Snow Mat Powder Snow — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Attract Mat Attract — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Fissure Mat Fissure — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Spikes Mat Spikes — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Glitter Mat Glitter Mat — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Jump Mat Jump Mat — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Spin Mat Spin Mat — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000


The rooftop of the Department Store has several vending machines, as well as a random rooftop sale, which is broadcasted on television prior.

Item Sprite Price
Fresh Water Fresh Water — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Soda Pop Soda Pop — 300 Poké Dollar.png300
Lemonade Lemonade Sprite — 350 Poké Dollar.png350
Item Sprite Price
Mud Ball Mud Ball — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Fence Length Fence Length — 500 Poké Dollar.png500
Fence Width Fence Width — 500 Poké Dollar.png500
Tire Tire — 800 Poké Dollar.png800
Breakable Door Breakable Door — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Solid Board Solid Board — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Sand Ornament Sand Ornament — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Stand Stand — 7000 Poké Dollar.png7000
Slide Slide — 8000 Poké Dollar.png8000
TV TV — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Round TV Round TV — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Cute TV Cute TV — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Wailmer Doll Wailmer Doll — 10000 Poké Dollar.png10000
Rhydon Doll Rhydon Doll — 10000 Poké Dollar.png10000