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Lilycove City is a city located in the northeastern part of the Hoenn region, connected by Route 124 in the east and Route 121 in the west. The Lilycove Department Store is located here, as well as a Contest Hall, the Pokémon Fan Club, and the Lilycove Museum. Until the player character defeats Team Aqua/Team Magma in their hideout in the eastern part of the city, the way to Route 124 is blocked by a bunch of Wailmer.

Lilycove City has a total population of 123 in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, 138 in Pokémon Emerald and 106 in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


Ash and his friends arrived in Lilycove City in Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry. Originally, they were just passing through the city because it was en route to Mossdeep City, the location of Ash's next Gym battle. However, after May saw a poster advertising an upcoming Pokémon Contest, scheduled to be held in the city the next day, they decided to stay in Lilycove so May could compete for her third Ribbon.

During the Ever Grande Conference later on, Ash battles Lilycove native Katie in the first round of the full battle stage. Despite Katie's main strategy putting Ash in an early hole, Ash manages to emerge victorious in the end.

Places of Interest

Contest Hall

A Contest Hall is Located here. In Pokémon Emerald, all of the Pokémon Contests take place here.

Cove Lily motel

It is located in the east of the Contest Hall. Because of Team Magma and Team Aqua were situated in Lilycove City, the city has become a less tourist destination for a while, so the Cove Lily Motel doesn't get people and become empty. But, after Team Magma and Team Aqua get scared away by the player character, people start coming here again.

Lilycove Museum

The Lilycove Museum is located in the northern part of the Lilycove, some good arts and painting are displayed here.

Lilycove Department Store

Lilycove Department Store is the largest store in Hoenn. It is located in east side of the Lilycove Museum.

Lilycove City Harbor

From here, players may catch the S.S. Tidal and can travel to Slateport City and to the Battle Frontier too in Emerald.

Pokémon Trainer Fan Club

A Pokémon Trainer Fan Club is located in Lilycove. Fans at the Pokémon Trainer Fan Club discuss popular Pokémon Trainers. After faming name in the Hall of Fame, some members of the fan club tell themselves as the player character's fans.

Move Deleter's house

The Move Deleter's house is located in the east of the Lilycove Department Store. He is the only Move Deleter in whole Hoenn Region.


Random berries


  • Lilycove City's name comes from "lily green" and "cove" (a type of coastal landmark). Minamo City, its Japanese name, comes from  水藻 minamo (water algae).
  • As Hoenn is based on Kyūshū, Lilycove City is based on Kanoya.
  • In generation III, Lilycove was the largest city in the Hoenn region. In generation VI, this was changed to Mauville City.


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