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The Lily of the Valley Conference is the championship competition in the Sinnoh League, which is held in Lily of the Valley Island.

It was the first League Conference where a connection was made between the tournament itself and the Champion League, which was stated by Lucian Although Elite Four members and Champions had appeared before that, it was during the Diamond & Pearl series that conference winners were revealed to earn the right to challenge the Elite Four and Champion.


Opening ceremonies

The opening of the Sinnioh League has a lighting of the torch and a firework showing.


Screening round

Although it wasn't shown but all Trainers must do a screening round to move on to the Preliminary round.

Preliminary rounds

The top 64 Trainers participate in three on three battles. The first two are held in a small stadium then the top 16 matches are held in the main stadium. The battles take place on a grass, ice, rock or water filed. The 8 remaining Trainers move on to the final tournament.

Final rounds

The 8 remaining trainers battle in full battles. No breaks were permitted in the final rounds.

Closing ceremonies

Although it wasn't entirely shown but the closing ceremonies has a fire works display and the presenting of the League trophy which Mr. Goodshow and Cynthia give to the winner.

Trainers who competed in the Lily of the Valley Conference

Tobias, the winner, with the Sinnoh League Championship Trophy.


  • It was shown multiple times that the use of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon is allowed in this tournament, which may be a reference to the change in rules in the 2010 Video Game World Championships. However, the real-life championship's rules does not allow Mythical Pokémon, meaning that Tobias's Darkrai would not be permitted.
  • This is the final conference to date that Charles Goodshow appears in.
  • This is the only Pokémon League Conference in which Ash places in the Top 4.
  • There are seven named contestants, less than any other League Conference.