This Delcatty is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Lila.


Lila's main Pokémon is a male Delcatty, having trained him since she was a young Coordinator and using him to defeat Johanna and her Glameow. Delcatty was later used in the battle stage of the Celestic Contest where after getting through to the final rounds was pitted against Dawn's Ambipom. During the match, Delcatty was able to wear Ambipom down by putting her to sleep and also afflicting her with his Cute Charm Ability. Despite this, Dawn was able to find a way for Ambipom to defend herself while attacking at the same time. Eventually, Delcatty was hit by a barrage of Swift and was left with the least points when the time ran out. Although Delcatty was upset that he didn't earn Lila her fifth Ribbon, Lila comforted her loyal Pokémon.

Known moves



  1. ^ DP095: Battling The Generation Gap!, Delcatty's Cute Charm ability affected Dawn's Ambipom

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