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If I don't take a leap, I'll never find what I'm looking for!

Liko during the trailer

Liko is the main protagonist of Pokémon Horizons: The Series. She is a student of Indigo Academy. She is one of the newest members of the Rising Volt Tacklers, the other being Roy.

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What is the significance of Liko's pendant in Pokémon Horizons: The Series? toggle section
In Pokémon Horizons: The Series, Liko's pendant is a key item. It's the dormant state of Terapagos and a primary target for the Explorers who aim to unlock its secrets. This hexagonal jewel, light teal/yellow in color, bears a sun-like symbol and resembles a component of the Tera Orb. The Explorers' objectives center around this pendant, and they intend to steal it.
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Who are the newest members of the Rising Volt Tacklers in Pokémon Horizons? toggle section
In Pokémon Horizons, Liko and Roy are the latest additions to the Rising Volt Tacklers. Liko's Pokémon roster consists of Hatenna and Sprigatito, and Roy has Fuecoco and Wattrel. The team also includes Dot, who has Quaxly, Professor Friede with Charizard, Captain Pikachu, Orla with Elekid and Metagross, Mollie with Chansey, and Murdock with Alcremie and Rockruff.
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What is the relationship between Liko and Roy in Pokémon Horizons: The Series? toggle section
In Pokémon Horizons: The Series, Liko and Roy are the main dual protagonists. Their bond was formed when Roy rescued Liko from wild Pokémon, and they discovered shared items from their grandparents. They joined the Rising Volt Tacklers, seeking to become skilled Pokémon Trainers.
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What is unique about Liko's appearance in Pokémon Horizons: The Series? toggle section
In Pokémon Horizons: The Series, Liko stands out with her light complexion, black hair with blue highlights, light blue eyes, and a light teal/yellow hexagonal jewel. She's the first female character from Paldea, the first to have a grass type first partner Pokémon, and the first to have multi-colored hair. She's also the first female Pokémon protagonist and narrates most of the series.
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What is Liko's role at Indigo Academy in Pokémon Horizons: The Series? toggle section
In Pokémon Horizons: The Series, Liko, the main female protagonist, is a student at Indigo Academy and the latest addition to the Rising Volt Tacklers. She plays a significant role in the series by providing the majority of the storytelling and narration. She is also recognized by her social media handle, 'Sprigatito-Love'.
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Liko expression sheet

Expression sheet of Liko

Liko is a young girl with a light complexion. She has black hair with blue highlights on the inside that is tied with a green clip, and has light blue eyes. She wears a light teal and yellow hexagonal shaped jewel pendant with a white sun-like symbol on the center. It has a three-point attachment at the bottom, resembling a component of the Tera Orb. She wears an aqua blue coat over a white dress shirt, dark blue shorts, long white shin-length socks with aqua blue trims, and white shoes with aqua-coloured details.

She also wears the Indigo Academy school uniform consisting of a light brown short blazer and skirt, a white dress shirt, a red ribbon, long white socks, brown loafers and a badge with a leaf emblem. During the night, she wears the academy's tracksuit which has a leaf emblem on the front and back of the jacket.

As a young child, Liko's hair was shorter, and its bangs covered much of her forehead. She wore a blue and white striped dress that had a dark blue band around the waist, a white collar, and white cuffs.


Liko is the type of person who won't find anything until she searches for it herself. She isn't the most outgoing type, and is more socially awkward and introverted, though she secretly wishes to make friends with others. She is also hoping to strengthen her bond with Sprigatito. She also likes to jot down her experiences in her journal and add illustrations to those entries.

When meeting new people, Liko tends to be bashful but also polite towards them. When being pursued by the Explorers, she feels somewhat responsible for putting the school building or the Brave Olivine in danger.

In part due to her father Alex being an artist, Liko has higher than average perception, making use of it in her daily life. She can understand an artist's intention through the art they make. She frequently jots down notes on her Sprigatito to be a good partner for it, applying these notes for tasks at hand, such as using Sprigatito's sunbathing habits to quickly locate large numbers of Sunflora in Artazon. Liko also appears to have inherited some of her grandmother's yearning for adventure as noted by her father, having decided to tag along with the Rising Volt Tacklers rather than staying home when they returned to drop her off.

Liko is a kind and compassionate girl; however this can lead to hesitation. As seen during the gym challenge at Motostoke Stadium, Liko hesitated to complete her task to extinguish all the Litwick flames after seeing how hard Roy and Fuecoco were working. Again, when seeing how hard Wakaba was working to become a gym trainer. This in turn causes a rift in the relationship between her and Sprigatito who was working hard for her.[1]


Liko has multiple meanings in Kanji;

  • Jasmine Child (莉子) relating to having a grass type for her partner.
  • Truthful Child (理子) corresponding to her truthful and kind personality.
  • Crystal Child (璃子) referring to the pendant she wears.

It may also originate from the Hawaiian term for leaf bud, relating to her first partner being a grass type.




Liko has a close relationship with her grandmother and carries the pendant her grandmother gave her as a good luck charm. Diana told Liko that the pendant will be important to her in the future. When Amethio comes to seize her pendant, Liko starts to wonder what exactly her pendant really was. Liko has grown up hearing stories from her grandmother, about her adventures and the journey when she was exploring around the world. Liko keeps her grandmother's words as advice such as "Only the first step is scary". Her grandmother also told her to rely on her Pokemon when facing fears and trust them in the journey.


Her father, Alex supports Liko and even enrolls to the same school he and her mother attended. Alex shows concern over his daughter's well-being from going on a journey but was reassured by Friede's words that Liko was doing well with the adventurers. After hearing what his daughter had to say, Alex decided to support Liko's choice to stay with the Rising Volt Tacklers.


Liko seems close with her mother as she decided to enroll in the same school she did. Also, Liko knows her parents are busy with their lives but supports them, nevertheless. In addition, Liko was spurred that her mother hired the Rising Volt Tacklers to protect her. Lucca works as a schoolteacher which kept her busy. However, Lucca is far from neglectful, encouraging her daughter's adventurous side and preferring Liko to make her own decisions rather than letting her maternal side hold her back.



Her dorm mate at Indigo Academy, Ann is one of the first friends Liko makes at the school. Liko feels saddened that she wouldn't see much of Ann whilst being with the Rising Volt Tacklers, but they are still able to keep in contact through their Rotom Phones. The two reunite at Naranja Academy where they have a rematch to express how far they've come since Indigo Academy.

Rising Volt Tacklers[]

A group of adventurers that saves Liko from the pursuits of the Explorers. They were hired by Liko's mother to keep her safe as her bodyguards. Liko becomes good friends with the members on board the Brave Olivine, especially Friede, even though she gets annoyed with his absentmindedness sometimes.


Liko and Roy

Liko and Roy.

Liko first met Roy when he saved her from a group of Pokémon, and they both quickly became friends, after finding out that their grandparents gave them each a special item. When Roy arrived on the Rising Volt Tacklers' airship, Liko was surprised, but gave him a tour. Also, Liko and Roy got to know each other more, and Liko gave Roy encouragement when he needed it the most. After Roy joins the Rising Volt Tacklers, Liko was excited that her new friend was staying, and that she became much closer with him.


Though they haven't met face to face, Liko strongly hopes to be friends with Murdock's niece. Despite being scared of Liko finding out the truth behind her Nidothing persona and finding her annoying for interfering with her schedule, Dot is not considered as a bad person according to the latter. Dot eventually feels touched by Liko's kindness, slowly opening up thanks to her. Little does Liko know that Dot is actually her favorite streamer, Nidothing. Due to the costume being spotted on the Brave Olivine, Liko comes to the conclusion that Dot was a mega-fan without realizing that Dot was close to confessing the truth after gradually warming up to Liko.



Liko and Sprigatito

Liko and Floragato (As a Sprigatito).

Liko was excited to have Floragato as a Sprigatito as her first Pokémon, after receiving it at the Indigo Academy. However, Liko didn't hit it off with Sprigatito right away as she took some time to bond with the Grass Cat Pokémon, but she was eventually able to win her trust. When they encountered the Explorers, Liko's bond with Sprigatito started to shape to an unbreakable one, as she inspired her to overcome her shyness. When her partner got kidnapped by the Explorers, Liko risked a lot to get Sprigatito back, which won her trust. After that experience, Liko and Sprigatito's bond grew stronger. Liko likes to keep records of Sprigatito's sunbathing habits and her favorite spots. Following an accident involving a training session, Sprigatito left the Brave Olivine, feeling guilty for causing Liko an injury but Liko was able to assure Sprigatito wasn't at fault and this encouragement enabled Sprigatito to learn a new move, Magical Leaf. Liko was overjoyed when Sprigatito evolved into Floragato.


Liko and Hatenna

Liko and Hattrem as a Hatenna.

Liko first met Hatenna in a hut in the Galar region as she found her injured and decided to care for her. After Hatenna recovered, Liko bonded with her, and they soon became close friends. Although she tried to return her to the wild, Liko was surprised that Hatenna decided that she wanted to be with her instead and caught her. Liko even doesn't mind that Hatenna sit or rest in her hood. They are close with each other after she evolved into Hattrem.


Liko was born in the Kanto region[2], and lived there with her parents, Alex and Lucca, for a few years. At some point, they moved to the Paldea region — with Liko then growing up in Cabo Poco. Her grandmother entrusted her with a pendant at some point. Rather than sending her to school in Paldea, her parents decided to send her to Indigo Academy in Kanto. During her time there, she met and befriended her dorm mate Anne and got her First Partner Pokémon, Sprigatito, though they had a rough start at first. Unbeknownst to her at the time, two groups of people were trying to track her down. A young man managed to get to her first, though his request that she give the pendant to him aroused her suspicion and agreed with Sprigatito that the person was untrustworthy. Their attempt to escape failed however, though Liko was found by the other group. In the ensuing scuffle, she and Sprigatito were nearly hit by the man's Ceruledge but a magical barrier protected her from its attacks along with a mysterious Pokémon inside it, which surprised her. The other man then took her away on his Charizard and to their ship, the Brave Olivine.[3]

There, Liko met the rest of the group and deemed them trustworthy for the time being. The other man and his subordinates arrived, and Liko initially agreed to go with them to protect the other Pokémon, but when she saw her Sprigatito refuse to go along, realize that she had been running from the truth and agreed to fight. Sprigatito's Leafage ended up destroying the barrier on the deck and sent it flying away; the older man, Friede, managed to grab her, but not her Sprigatito, which was kidnapped by Amethio.[4]

Stopping at a port, Liko was properly introduced to the group, known as the Rising Volt Tacklers and that they had been hired by her mother to protect her. They soon discovered Amethio's associates in the port. Aware they were being led into a trap, Liko parted ways with Friede and found Sprigatito, escaping once she had regained her Pokémon. [5]

Damage to the Brave Olivine however forced them to stop at a remote island to gather supplies to repair the ship, during which she met Roy while trying to find Fuecoco, who had gone overboard. After being saved from a group of Pokémon that Fuecoco had agitated, she returned to the Brave Olivine, only for Roy to sneak onboard that night.[6] After fending off Amethio and his subordinates, Liko and the others allowed Roy to join them and with the Brave Olivine fixed, made their way to Paldea.[7]

During the trip, Liko and Sprigatito had some training matches against Roy, Fuecoco and Captain Pikachu. On their way to Paldea, Liko learns of a girl her age on the ship named Dot.[8]

When the Brave Olivine finally arrived at Paldea, Friede offered to bring her back home, which she accepted and initially thought that her journey was over. However, seeing how uneasy Sprigatito was and after it saved her from a fall from a wild Lechonk, she realized that her journey was only just beginning and asked Alex if she could stay with the group, which he accepted.[9]

Liko congratulates Dot for registering her first Pokémon. Later on, the teams split up to find her pendant after noticing the Ancient Pokéball glow. As Quaxly uses Water Gun in the air, Liko and the team hurry over and make it to the cargo ship just before it leaves the port. After Quaxly falters under pressure in battle against Spinel's Magneton and Beheeyem, she commands Sprigatito to use Quick Attack, which hits Spinel's Magneton and saves Quaxly. Dot informs Liko about the Beheeyem, although she questions back (to no avail) about where Beheeyem's trainer is. She is then taunted by Spinel, which she accuses him back for stealing the pendant. As Roy confirms Spinel is a member of the Explorers, she reunites the three teams to take on Spinel. As Spinel retaliates with a combo move from Magneton and Beheeyem, Liko orders her Pokémon to use a lot of Leafage to dissipate the move, saving the team. She and Dot work together with their Pokémon to defeat Beheeyem. After Spinel's Magneton faints thanks to Roy's Pokémon, he sends out an Umbreon, which the Pokémon struggle against. She then activates the pendant, requesting its retrieval. The pendant is eventually forced out of Spinel's possession, which Sprigatito retrieves back to her. She is then transported by Arboliva back to the airship. Liko has also been told that Dot is not a Nidothing fan, but that she's the real Nidothing, causing her and Sprigatito to scream in panic.[10]

Liko notices Wattrel not getting along with Fuecoco, growling and eventually attacking him forcing Roy to break up the fight. A moment later, she is forced to block her ears after Wattrel uses Uproar. She witnesses the altercation between the two continue during snack time. Afterwards, she is questioned by Orla about the thoughts of catching a second Pokemon. Later, she, along with the rest of the crew watches Fuecoco and Wattrel battling Friede's Captain Pikachu, which confuses her, until she realizes something after overhearing Roy saying his two Pokemon should "work as a team to win this". After a storm comes close, she helps Mollie look after the Pokemon in the care room, before heading out to the deck to call out Roy. During the storm, she warns Roy to look out for an incoming branch, which Wattrel was able to break. They make it inside safely. Roy questions to her why Wattrel's power didn't show up in battle. Liko flashes back and explains that Wattrel's wings glowed because of a strong current caused by the storm. After Roy asks Dot for an answer, he approves, and sets off for his "Special Training Time" with his two Pokemon, skipping dinner, so Liko brings up a tray to him on the deck. The next day, she, along with the rest of the crew, watch Roy's rematch against Cap.[11]

Liko gets involved in a conversation with Dot about whether the Pikachu Roy fought in the previous episode can fly, believing that it did. After overhearing Roy's curiosity about how Friede's Pikachu became captain, she becomes excited and suggests that they speak to Friede, which Roy agrees. Dot initiates a video of Liko and Roy to 'solve the mystery of the Flying Pikachu', during which they encroach Friede in excitement, but Friede holds them back. After Orla initiates an announcement for the rest of the crew to gather, Friede caves in and tells them his story. Afterwards, Liko becomes shocked that her mom was Friede's Teacher, but Friede reassures her by telling her how influential her mom has been to him.[2]

After Nidothing's video suffers from a computer malfunction, Liko hurries into Dot's room to find out the cause. After Friede's announcement to the team that they'll be heading to Steelbound Town, Liko hears Dot's call requesting a new microphone for her live-stream. While she was unable to understand the details about Dot's request, she suggests that Dot joins the group for this mission, which causes a heated debate. After arriving at that Town, Dot explores the town further, which leads to a vintage shop which excites everybody, causing Dot to lose Liko for a moment, until Sprigatito sees them rejoining. They head back to the ship. After a hole is broken in the wall of the basement, it is soon revealed that Orthworm was the culprit, in which she watches Dot, Quaxly and Tinkatink stop them and Tinkatink uniting with Dot and joining the Rising Volt Tacklers. [12]

Liko, alongside Roy and Dot enroll at Naranja Academy to undergo training in the Terastal phenomenon. Whilst there, she reunites with Anne at the school and have a friendly battle between their newly evolved partners; Floragato and Dewott respectively.[13] She wins the rematch.

Liko then sets off on her journey to complete the basic course alongside Roy and Dot. Her opponent is Katy so they head for the Cortondo Gym, where the trio reunite with Murdock and find Sango harassing Katy. Liko challenges Sango and Katy arranges a baking competition which Liko wins. Liko then faces Katy and uses Terrastallization for the first time, though she loses the battle. The trio then head for the Artazon Gym for Roy's trial.[14]


On hand[]

Travelling with[]

Taking care of[]


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Sunflora (x 33)


Liko is a major character in the manga of the same name.

She is also the main protagonist of Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~ and Pocket Monsters ~ The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~.


  • The clip Liko wears bears a resemblance to the Official Pokémon League cap's logo worn by Ash at the beginning of his journey and the sneakers he received from his mother.
    • The same shape can be found on Lucius' gloves.
  • She shares her Japanese voice actress with Regina.
  • Liko's design was drawn by Ken Sugimori.
  • The pendant that Liko wears is being pursued by suspicious people, including that of Amethio and the Explorers.
    • It later turns out that the Pendant was actually a slumbering Terapagos.
  • Liko is the first major female character to:
    • Be from Paldea.
    • Have caught or received a member or more from the Generation VIII and IX group.
    • Have a grass type first partner Pokémon as her Starter.
    • Have caught a pure Psychic-type .
    • Have a Shojō adaptation in manga form.
    • Have multi-colored hair.
    • Attend a school remotely.
    • Have a Tera Orb.
  • Liko is also the first Female Pokémon protagonist.
  • Though Pokémon Horizons is absent of a narrator, Liko herself provides most of the storytelling and narration.
  • Her handle on social media is "Sprigatito-Love".[15]
  • Her Trainer ID is 230414, this acts as a reference to the Japanese premier of Pokémon Horizons (April 14, 2023).



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