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Every Pokémon has a level. All Pokémon that hatch from an egg are level 1 or 5. When a Pokémon gains enough experience, or is given a rare candy, its level will increase by 1. This is called leveling up. A Pokémon will also grow many levels in a Day Care Center depending on how long it stays. When a Pokémon levels up, its base stats will increase, and it will gain some HP. It also may learn a move or evolve. The maximum level a Pokémon can grow to is level 100.

Additionally, there are Pokémon known as underleveled Pokémon, which are evolved Pokémon that cannot be at that level when owned by the player. They can be found in the wild (some wild Dragonairs in Kanto Safari Zone) or by trainers.


  • The leveling process may be completely different from the aging process of Pokémon as it is revealed that pre-evolution Pokémon can be old (such as an old Treecko in Tree's a Crowd) or fully evolved Pokémon can be babies (such as a Baby Nidoqueen in Mewtwo Returns).
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