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For the variant appearing in the games, see Leon (Galar).

Leon is a character appearing in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, who is the Champion of the Galar region and the current "Monarch" after winning the World Coronation Series, winning against Lance and Raihan.


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Leon is a tall man, with long, purple hair and amber eyes. He wears a baseball cap tilted upwards to show off the crown design on the brim, a red fur-lined cape that has logos of sponsors on the back, and a black striped shirt that has a sword and shield on it. He also wears white shorts with white tights underneath with a black and gold diamond pattern down the side.


Leon is a very kind and compassionate human being who is also confident and focuses on himself and his winning streak. Leon also seem to to have some great interest in very special unrefined Trainers like Ash, as he saw potential in him in their first battle.


In his childhood, Leon and his friend Sonia used to have a shared ambition of becoming the strongest Trainers together. Although it was Sonia who initially instilled knowledge about Pokémon to him, he soon demonstrated powerful talent after becoming a Trainer himself, proven by how he was able to triumph and become the Champion by a landslide victory when he participated in the League for the first time. However, his success eventually resulted in him and Sonia drifting apart from each other.[1]

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Leon vs. Lance at the World Coronation Series.

Ash and his friend Goh went to the Galar region, where they saw Leon and Lance compete at the World Coronation Series finals. In their battle, Leon use his Charizard while Lance used his Gyarados. As the match began, Leon commanded his Charizard to use Flamethrower which intercepted by Gyarados Hyper Beam. Leon ordered Charizard to continue attacking with Air Slash and a series of Thunder Punch, only for Gyarados to counter with some of its own moves. As the battle continue, Leon and Lance both decide to turn the match into a Dynamax battle. Lance Dynamax his Gyarados, while Leon Gigantamax his Charizard. Leon and Charizard were able to weaken Lance's Gyarados, with Max Lightning and Max Airstream and was able to finish the match off with G-Max Wildfire. After the battle, Lance congratulated Leon during their battle as Leon comments on some Lance's own skill where train at Galar Dragon gym. Leon was the declared As the first "World Champion". In the crowd Ash and Goh were amazed by Leon's with the former wanting to battle Leon himself. When the match ended, the Wyndon Stadium was attacked by a wild Drednaw after Team Rocket accidentally provoked it and caused it to change into its Gigantamax form.[2]

Leon's first battle with Ash Ketchum.

Leon went outside of the stadium to check out the situation, where he saw Ash's Gigantamax Pikachu battling the Gigantamax Drednaw. As he were watching the fight, he notice that Ash didn't battle with a Dynamax Band. As Drednaw launches the Rock-type Max Move: Max Rockfall, Leon gives Ash advice by telling him to have his Pikachu use special G-Max Move: G-Max Volt Crash. Thanks to Leon's advice, Pikachu defeated Drednaw, with G-Max Move and reverted back to its normal size. Leon came down to thanks Ash and Goh for their heroic deed where Ash ask Leon for a battle. Leon was surprise by Ash's request as he had him ad by this. The next day, Leon meet Ash and Goh at the Pokémon center in Wyndon, where he accept Ash offer and prepare their battle. At the Wyndon Stadium, Leon gave Ash his own Dynamax Band and gave Ash an explanation of how Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing worked, including their Max Moves and G-Max Moves. During their battle Leon and his Charizard had the upper hand during the first part of the battle where they easily countered Ash and Pikachu. As the fight goes on, both Ash and Leon Gigantamax their Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu were able to land couple on Leon's Charizard but still got overpowered which led them to their defeat. After Leon's gave Ash and Oran berry for his Pikachu, which Ash thanks Leon for their battle. As Ash tried to return his Dynamax Band, Leon told him he can keep it as he likes unrefined trainers like Ash and told Ash to "pop" more if he want to satisfy him. When Leon left, Ash requested another battle from him the next time they meet, with the former promising for their rematch to be an official one with a crowd.[3]

Leon had an intense match with Raihan at the World Coronation Series Master Class. Initially, his Charizard was severely hit by Raihan's Duraludon, but after both sides Gigantamaxed, he easily defeated Raihan since his Charizard used a super effective G-Max Wildfire on Duraludon. As the battle came to an end, he told Raihan that he wanted to see all Trainers in Galar to become stronger than ever, and gave high hopes to Raihan's Gym. When Ash interrupted and declared a challenge to Leon, Leon expressed his expectations for the boy, before he waved at Chairman Rose.[4]

Leon also appeared in a flashback, where his Gigantamaxed Charizard was battling against Lance's Gyarados and Raihan's Duraludon, when Professor Cerise was explaining the function of the Dynamax Band to Ash and Goh.[5]

Leon arrived with his Charizard to put a stop to a rampaging Gigantamax Centiskorch after Ash struggled to battle it. He and Ash then flew off to deal with other rampaging Pokémon hit by the Dynamax Energy from the Hammerlocke Energy Plant, including a Dynamax Pangoro which they were successful in defeating.[5] Leon also teamed up with Ash to defeat a Gigantamax Coalossal and met up with Chairman Rose and Oleana as they arrived after the battle. This meet up as well as Rose's growing suspicions of Rose led Leon to go investigate the Energy Plant and what it held.[1]

Once Leon went to investigate the Energy Plant, he witnessed Eternatus emerging from the reactor and attempted to battle it to calm it and put it in its place, though Eternatus flew away before Leon's Charizard could attack. After Ash arrived at Hammerlocke Stadium, Leon and Ash were confronted by Chairman Rose and his explanation for Eternatus. Rose offered Leon to catch Eternatus in order to control it. Leon agreed to catch the rampaging Pokémon, but he would only do so in order to calm it down rather than to tame it. As Rose challenged Ash to a battle, Leon flew off on Charizard in order to pursue and catch Eternatus before it could cause more destruction.[6] Leon then pursued Eternatus and attempted to battle it by Gigantamaxing his Charizard, though the Dynamax Energy was quickly absorbed by Eternatus, allowing it to use Eternabeam. During the battle, Leon and his Charizard were able to temporarily get the upper hand and get a chance to catch Eternatus, though the capture attempt failed and Eternatus grew more enraged, eventually injuring the two as they tried to protect Ash and Goh, and Leon ended up temporarily passed out. However, despite being unable to catch Eternatus and being injured by it, Leon was able to see Eternatus finally be captured by Goh with the help of the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta. He praised Ash and Goh for being heroes, though the boys clarified that Zacian and Zamazenta were the real ones. He later decided to search for Rose's whereabouts after the incident.[7]

Leon is also shown to have watched the World Coronation Series battle between Ash and Volkner, alongside many other high-ranking Pokémon Trainers, viewing the broadcast from around the Pokémon world.[8]


On hand


  • Alcremie-ful Decoration Tournament: Unknown


  • As shown in the third variant of One, Two, Three, Leon drives an orange car styled after Charizard.