Leon is the champion of the Galar region and the older brother of Hop.


Leon has long, purple hair and amber eyes. His baseball cap is tilted upwards, showing off the crown design on the brim, a red fur-lined cape which has logos of sponsors on the back and his black striped shirt has a sword and shield on it.


Leon is a very confident person, even to the point where he can sometimes come off as self-centered. During his champion battle against the player, he is still very focused on himself and his winning streak, not even considering the possibility that he may lose. He also only has pictures of himself in his house, and, strangely enough, none of his brother Hop. However, he is still a kind and compassionate human being, as shown when he shields Hop and the protagonist with his Charizard from a blast.



According to his League Card, Leon won the Gym League Championship when he was only ten and he had never lost a battle since. As a young trainer, it is heavily implied that he traveled with Sonia, who later to Gloria or Victor proclaimed that she was Leon's 'rival' when they were young. He is also the best disciple of Mustard, the former Galar Champion before him, despite not beeing able to get to either one of Tower of Two Fists due to his poor sense of direction.


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  • The name "Leon" means "lion", which is a symbol of English royalty that ties into Leon's regal attire and status as champion.
    • However, his name can also be considered as being derived from the plant dandelion, which explains why his Japanese name is called Dande.
  • Leon's outfit more closely resembles that of a baseball player rather than a soccer player like most other trainers. This is more noticeable when he takes off his cape.
    • Leon also throws his Poké Ball in a similar fashion to a baseball pitcher.
  • Leon has a poor sense of direction and tends to get lost easily.
  • Leon is the first Pokémon Champion to give out Starter Pokémon to new trainers.
  • Leon and Mustard are the only non-playable trainers whose uniform numbers are both not a pun in Japanese and only consists of a single digit.
    • In Leon's case, his uniform number, "1", refers to his status as Champion.


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