This Watchog is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Lenora.


Lenora sent Watchog out in the museum. Watchog used its Illuminate ability to lit up the area and showed Yamask up, who was terrorizing the heroes and Hawes.[1]

BW015 8

Watchog's Mean Look affects Oshawott.

Before Ash's match with Lenora began, Lenora sent Watchog and Lillipup, to let Ash know which Pokémon he'll face with. After Lillipup used Roar on Ash's Tepig, Lenora switched Lillipup with Watchog, while Ash was forced to send Oshawott. Ash attempted to switch Oshawott with Tepig, but Lenora had Watchog use Mean Look on Oshawott, making him unable to be switched. Oshawott fired a Water Gun, but missed and was knocked down by Watchog. Oshawott charged to attack, so Watchog attempted to use Low Kick, but Oshawott jumped and hit Watchog with Water Gun. Watchog used Thunderbolt, but Lenora was impressed when Oshawott deflected the attack using his scalchop. Oshawott managed to hit Watchog with Water Gun and proceeded to hit it with Razor Shell. Watchog, however, spinned and disarmed Oshawott off its scalchop, allowing him to be easily defeated by Watchog's Thunderbolt. Ash sent Tepig, but Lenora swapped Watchog for Lillipup to battle Ash's Tepig.[2]

BW016 14

Oshawott uses Razor Shell on Watchog.

Lenora, like in the first battle, showed her Pokémon before the battle, revealing Herdier, since Lenora had enough time to train her own Pokémon as well. After Herdier used Roar on Tepig, Lenora switched Herdier for Watchog. Like in the first battle, Watchog managed to use Mean Look on Oshawott, preventing Ash from calling it, but Oshawott immediately used Razor Shell on Watchog, hitting it badly. Oshawott tried to attack with Aqua Jet, but continuously missed. Oshawott used Water Gun, but was affected by Watchog's Confuse Ray, followed by Thunderbolt. Oshawott retaliated with Water Gun, but randomly missed, since it was still confused. Oshawott managed to use Aqua Jet to bypass Watchog's Thunderbolt and defeat it, but in doing so, Oshawott fainted as well.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Mean Look
  • Using Low Kick
  • Using Thunderbolt
  • Using Confuse Ray



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