This Stoutland is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Lenora.


As Herdier

Lenora had Herdier for a long time, who evolved into a Stoutland.[1]

As Stoutland

Black, who came to Nacrene City, went to challenge the archeologist Lenora, who had the Normal-type Pokémon Patrat and Stoutland.[2]

Lenora sent Stoutland to battle Musha. As the latter went to use Hypnosis, Stoutland used Roar before he could, swapping Musha with Black's Brav. Stoutland then froze Brav with Ice Fang, and slammed him to the wall. To retaliate, Brav used Whirlwind, which swapped Stoutland with Lenora's Patrat.[3] As her Patrat was quickly defeated, Lenora sent out her Stoutland again. Though Black warned Brav to keep a distance away from Stoutland, to prevent himself from getting frozen by Ice Fang, he realized it had a fourth move that Lenora was keeping hidden. That move was Last Resort, which defeated Black's Brav. Black sent out Musha, who attempted to hypnotize Stoutland to sleep. Since that failed, Black had Musha use Zen Headbutt against Stoutland's Take Down. While both sides fell down, Lenora pointed out that her Stoutland did take recoil damage from Take Down, and it was Stoutland's downfall.[1]

Lenora had Patrat and Stoutland look out to find someone. The two Pokémon haven't found anything, however.[4] Lenora encountered the three members of Team Plasma, the Shadow Triad, trying to break into her museum. She sent Patrat and Stoutland to intercept them, and stall them enough for the other Gym Leaders to arrive and help her in battling them.[5] With the Gym Leaders assisting Lenora, Stoutland charged towards the Shadow Triad to attack them.[6]

When Lenora was released from Team Plasma's castle, she sent Stoutland to battle the Team Plasma sages at the Pokémon League.[7] With the battle over, Stoutland watched N departing away with Zekrom into the sunset.[8]

Known moves

  • Using Roar
  • Using Ice Fang
  • Using Last Resort
  • Using Take Down


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