• Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres

The Legendary Birds contain Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. They are a group of Legendary Pokémon that appear in the Kanto region.

It is shown in the second Pokémon movie, Pokemon 2000: The Power of One, that if the three began to fight each other, Lugia, the trio master will rise to stop them, but it would need the help of the Chosen One, who turned out to be Ash Ketchum.

While Moltres was at the Kanto Pokémon Championship, in the GBA games, you can find Moltres in either Victory Road or on One Island. While Articuno is where Ash, his friends and Todd found it, in the game, it is in Seafoam Islands. While Zapdos is found during Season 5 near a pond, in the game, you can find Zapdos in the Power Plant.


Pokémon Type Ability Description
Articuno XY
Ice/Flying Pressure Articuno is the Ice/Flying-type member of the trio. When Articuno flaps its wings, it can chill the moisture in the air around it, making snow fall. It flies from icy mountain to icy mountain. According to legend, it appears before doomed travelers lost in icy regions. As seen in the anime, Articuno sometimes aids travelers and guides them to safety. Articuno lives in cold, isolated locations, such as mountain peaks.
Zapdos XY
Electric/Flying Pressure Zapdos is the Electric/Flying-type member of the trio. When Zapdos flaps its glittering wings, it releases electricity that can potentially cause thunderstorms. It produces massive crackling and snapping sounds when it flies; these are attributed to the lightning bolts it sheds when airborne. When stricken by lightning, it gains power. Zapdos reportedly appears only during thunderstorms, and is said to live among thunderclouds.
Moltres XY
Fire/Flying Pressure Moltres is the Fire/Flying-type member of the trio. Moltres sheds embers with every flap of its wings, creating a brilliant flash of flames. By dipping itself into the magma of an active volcano, this Pokémon can heal itself. It migrates to the south with the coming of spring, and is said to bring an early springtime to cold lands. Moltres is rarely seen by Trainers.


They can be seen with Lugia in Pokemon: The Power of One.


  • Their names consist of the first three Spanish numbers, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. This also reflects their order in the National Pokédex.
    • Before each number, there is a word corresponding to their secondary types.
  • Each one of the Legendary Birds have similar looking feet, but their colors vary slightly.
  • Generation II introduced the Legendary Beasts, which all share the same types as the Legendary Birds with the exception of Suicune, which is a Water type instead of an Ice type.
    • When Generation III introduced the Legendary Titans, only one, Regice, shared a type with a Legendary Bird, Ice. This was the one type that wasn't shared by a Legendary Beast.
    • The Tao Trio share the same types as the Legendary Birds, except they are Dragon type instead of Flying type.
  • Their trio master is Lugia, as opposed to Ho-Oh being the trio master of the Legendary Beasts.


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