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Laverre City is a city located in Kalos region. It is on the south of the Poké Ball Factory and north of Route 14. The city's gym is a Fairy-type Gym that is led by Valerie and is located in the biggest tree in Laverre City.



Wild Pokémon
Old Rod
060.png Poliwag X/Y 15 100%

Wild Pokémon
Good Rod
550A.png Basculin X 25 70%
550.png Basculin Y 25 70%
061.png Poliwhirl X/Y 25 30%

Wild Pokémon
Super Rod
061.png Poliwhirl X/Y 35 70%
550.png Basculin X 35 30%
550A.png Basculin Y 35 30%


Item Games Location/Method
Dark TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM41 X/Y From the boy near the southwest corner of the city
Bag TinyMushroom Sprite.png Tiny Mushroom X/Y From the mushrooms the previous boy is looking at (hidden, may reappear)
Ether Sprite.png Ether X/Y Southwest of the pond; accessed from the gap between the boutique and the signpost
Poké Doll Sprite.png Poké Doll X/Y From the man outside the gate to Route 15 after showing him a Pokémon with a height of less than 1' (daily)
MediMS.png Medichamite X/Y Northwest of the pond (requires an upgraded Mega Ring; 8:00-8:59 PM)
Ultra Ball Sprite.png Ultra Ball X/Y In the corner southwest of the Gym (hidden)
Bag Dusk Stone Sprite.png Dusk Stone X/Y From the Team Flare Grunt northwest of the Gym after becoming the Champion
GengMS.png Gengarite X/Y From the Hex Maniac near the northwestern corner of the city after having seen a Gastly, a Haunter or a Gengar
Poké Doll Sprite.png Poké Doll X/Y From the Lass outside the Café after showing him a Pokémon with a height of more than 9'10" (daily)
Bag Leaf Stone Sprite.png Leaf Stone X/Y From the mushrooms next to the Café (hidden)


Poké Mart right counter
Item Price
Protein Sprite.png Protein Poké Dollar.png9,800
Iron Sprite.png Iron Poké Dollar.png9,800
Calcium Sprite.png Calcium Poké Dollar.png9,800
Zinc Sprite.png Zinc Poké Dollar.png9,800
Carbos Sprite.png Carbos Poké Dollar.png9,800
HP Up Sprite.png HP Up Poké Dollar.png9,800



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