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  • In the first version of Pokémon Red and Green, the music was dubbed the scariest theme tune of its time. This music was only present in Red/Green and the international releases Pokemon Red/Blue. When the updated version arrived, the theme was changed slightly to remove frequencies, which was also the case for the Version 1.0 music of the Pokémon Tower.
  • In the House of Memories/Soul House, if you stay there too long in Generation IV, the Pokémon outside of your Party will become sad and eventually angry.
  • Interestingly, you need to have the Silph. Scope in order to see the Pokémon in the Tower; without this item, all Pokémon are shown as ghosts.
  • In Pokémon Yellow, if you talk to Pikachu in the Pokémon Tower, it gives a sad face, indicating it is sad about all the dead Pokémon.
  • The Pokémon Tower in Lavender town is inspired by Japanese graveyards.
  • In Generation I, there is a glitch where you can flee from the ghost Marowak by means of a Poké Doll, then continue up the Tower, as if the ghost was defeated. This allows the player to skip getting the Silph Scope and the Rocket Hideout completely. The glitch was fixed in the Generation III remakes.
  • There is a kid outside the Pokémon tower. if you interact with her, she will ask if you believe in ghosts. If you say no, she will say that there is a white hand on your shoulder.
  • This is also found in a episode of Pokémon origins. Somebody asks Red the same question as the little girl in Lavender town and a hard to see white hand will show up near Red's shoulder.
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