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Lapis Cave is the ninth dungeon in Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. Some floors may be shrouded in darkness. This dungeon is visited automatically two days after Great Canyon is beaten for the first time, when hearing the Ninetales Legend from Wiscash. Mt. Blaze will be visited immediately afterward Lapis Cave. If the player is defeated in this dungeon, they will have the option to go to Rock Path before trying to and pass through the dungeon again. There is no chance of finding a Monster House, a Kecleon Shop, or a buried item in this dungeon.


Plot and/or ending details may follow.

After talking to Xatu, Gengar overhears the conversation. Gengar spreads to the whole town that the player is a human and the reason why the natural disasters were happening. They came to a conclusion that it is either return the player to a human or eradicate the player from the planet. Alakazam warns the player to leave the town as he will show no mercy if the player shows up again. As a wanted fugitive, the player travels around and ends up in Lapis Cave since the townspeople are catching up. After exiting Lapis Cave, the townspeople follows up and the player goes to Mt. Blaze

Pokémon Encountered

Great Canyon Pokémon
Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Zubat 1-3 17 13.7%
Nincada 1-4 14 7.4%
Illumise 5-8 15 7.3%
Nidorina 4-8 15 -19%
Nidorino 4-8 15 -19%
Tangela 9-12 14 7.4%
Bagon 9-13 16 7.6%
Golbat 11-14 10 -19%

NOTE: None of the pokemon in Lapis Cave can be recruited on the first visit and the word "Lapis" is also the same in the Filipino version of Philippines

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