Lansat Berry Image of the
Lansat berry.
Nº ?? (R/S/E/OR/AS); Nº 58 (D/P/Pt)
Lansat Berry
Apicot - Starf
Gen. IV - A Poffin ingredient. If held by a Pokémon, it raises its critical-hit ratio in a pinch.
Size 3.8"
Firmness Soft
Effect {{{effect}}}
Tree Not available
Flavor (Gen. III)
Spicy 0
Dry 0
Sweet 0
Bitter 0
Sour 0
Flavor (Gen. IV)
Spicy 30
Dry 10
Sweet 30
Bitter 10
Sour 30
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The Lansat Berry is first introduced in the Generation III games. The Pokémon holding it will have the critical-hit ratio of its moves increased once its HP will be reduced to 1/3 or below.


Generation III

This berry can be obtained from Scott once the player has obtained all Silver Battle Frontier symbols (Only in Pokémon Emerald).

Generation VI

This berry is obtained by 100 consecutive wins in the Battle Maison in any Super Battle category.

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