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This Tyranitar is a rock/dark-type Pokémon owned by Lance.


As Pupitar

As Silver and Murkrow attacked Lance, Lance sent Pupitar to defend himself from the attack.[1]

As Tyranitar

Gold and Silver series

To assist Silver in his quest to find more about the the Masked Man, Lance lent his Tyranitar to Silver.[1]

Silver sent Tyranitar to battle Gold. Tyranitar was too powerful for Silver to handle, as he let Tyranitar use Sandstorm on Gold and his Pokémon. Gold had Polibo fire Water Gun on Tyranitar, but Silver had Murkrow take the hit. However, Gold's Togebo used Double-Edge, which knocked Tyranitar out. Togebo was defeated as well, but Silver was astounded Gold managed to defeat Tyranitar. With the battle over, Silver called his Pokémon back.[2]

When Silver came to Lance's lair at the Whirl Islands, he returned Tyranitar to Lance, as he felt he wasn't a suitable owner for it.[1]

Johto II

Lance sent Tyranitar at the Ruins of Alph to defend him from intruders. As Gold arrived, Tyranitar went to attack, but Lance stopped it, as Gold was not the enemy.[3]

Known moves