This Gyarados is a water/flying-type Pokémon owned by Lance.


As Magikarp

Lance witnessed how the land was polluted by industrialization. Lance was furious, seeing a Magikarp and Dratini were suffering because of that.[1]

As Gyarados

Lance was with his Pokémon, including Gyarados, as he swore to take his revenge on Yellow for his defeat.[2]

To force Blaine and Yellow out of the caves on Cerise Island, Lance had Dragonite and Gyarados cause tremors.[3] Dragonite and Gyarados' tremors also shook the volcano, which started to erupt.[4]

To survive the fall in the lava, Lance shielded himself with his Gyarados and two of his Dragonair he soon healed. He also had them use Bubble Beam, which became invisible due to the sunlight reflection, to attack Yellow.[5] Giovanni, who saved Yellow, had his Rhyhorn and Nidoqueen use moves that toppled the ground, making the bubbles visible again. Since Nidoqueen failed to attack the bubble made by Lance's Pokémon, Lance had his Gyarados and Dragonair retaliate with Hyper Beam. However, Giovanni dropped his Poké Ball. When Lance was distracted, the Ball opened and Beedrill came out, who used Twineedle to break the formation Gyarados and Dragonair made, allowing Beedrill to intimidate Lance.[6]

In the final match against Yellow, Lance sent his Gyarados to battle her, to prevent her from interfering his plans with the the mystical bird Pokémon.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Bubble Beam
  • Using Hyper Beam


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