For other variants of Dragonite belonging to Lance, see Lance's Dragonite.

This Dragonite is a Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Lance.


Dragonite battled Blue's Blastoise. After blasting Blastoise with Flamethrower and shrugging off its Hydro Pump, Dragonite lunged forwards to fight Blastoise at close range.[1]

Two years later, it appeared at the Lake of Rage, briefly engaging the Red Gyarados before it and Lance retreated to find out what was disturbing it. Dragonite used Fire Punch to break into Team Rocket's headquarters and effortlessly defeated every Pokémon the Rockets sent at them, even blocking five attacks at once. It then smashed the machine imprisoning the Electrode which powered the generator and they escaped.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Flamethrower
  • Using Skull Bash
  • Using Fire Punch
  • Using Hyper Beam
  • Using Thunderbolt

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