Lake Verity aerial view

An aerial view of the lake.

Lake Verity is a location in the Sinnoh region. Located near Twinleaf Town, the lake is home to the Legendary Pokémon Mesprit, one of the three Lake Guardians and the being of Emotion. It also has Starly and Bidoof in the grass, Psyduck and Golduck if surfing, and Magikarp, Gyarados, Goldeen and Seaking when fishing.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Version

The rival takes the player character here with the intent of seeing a red Gyarados. When arrive at Lake Verity, the player character will see an old man and a young person. That's Professor Rowan and his assistant- they'll be named Dawn or Lucas - the opposite of the player character's gender. The pair will then exit, leaving behind a briefcase on a patch of grass. Despite what Mom said about not going into the tall grass earlier, the rival convinces the player character to check it out. Just as you reach the briefcase, however, two Starly suddenly appear from the surroundings and attack. Having no other choice, the player character opens the briefcase and use the Pokémon inside to defend yourself. The three Pokémon inside are the Grass-type Turtwig, the Fire-type Chimchar, and the Water-type Piplup. The chosen Pokémon will stay with the protagonist for the rest of your journey.

Lake Verity Dialog

Lucas and Barry talking about Mesprit's cry.

Once the Pokémon is chosen, the protagonist will then battle with the wild Starly. After defeating it, the rival will comment about the fight. He will have picked the Starter that the chosen Starter Pokémon is weak against.

Afterwards, the professor's assistant shows up to retrieve the briefcase. When they find out that both the protagonist and the rival have used the Pokémon, they panic and run off. Since you don't have a choice, go to the lakefront and talk to Professor Rowan. Strangely, the professor will just look at the Pokémon and walk away. His assistant will then tell you to visit the lab in Sandgem Town, and the player character will automatically return home.

Pokémon Platinum

After battling the friend on Route 201, he will follow the protagonist to Lake Verity, hoping to catch the Legendary Pokémon Mesprit. He soon realizes that neither he nor the player character have any Poké Balls. The lake is also the place where the player character first meets Cyrus and learn about his plans to create his ideal world.


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