This Kyogre is a water-type Pokémon that appears in Pokémon Generations.


In episode 8 of Pokémon Generations, Kyogre is seen sleeping quietly in the depths of Seafloor Cavern. That is, until Team Aqua's malicious leader, Archie, enters the cavern by force, along with several other low-rank Grunts and Shelly, one of the admins of the team. Archie tells Kyogre that the world is disorderly and broken, and that humans only care about their own selfish desires; why he believes "nature and Pokémon are all suffering". Ironic, isn't it? Utilizing the power of the Blue Orb, a crystalline gemstone that can bring forth Kyogre's true fury, Archie demands that Kyogre "return the world to how it once was and how it rightfully should be!" However, Archie is briefly interrupted by Shelly, who tells Archie not to go through with his plan. She tells him that the world he desires and the world Kyogre will make are not of the same world, and that Kyogre will bring upon an age of despair and destruction; meaning Kyogre will drown everything in the ocean, sparing nobody. Of course, being the smart guy he is, Archie shrugs off their brief conversation and does what she told him NOT to do, insisting he can control the ocean monster with the Blue Orb alone, much to Shelly's dismay. Archie then awakens Primal Kyogre using the Blue Orb, causing the very cave around them to crumble. Despite wishing to make a world free of suffering, Archie says "Go, Primal Kyogre! DESTROY EVERYTHING!!" Bursting through the walls of its undersea refuge, Kyogre swims to the surface to do what Archie told it to. Arising from the depths, Primal Kyogre roars furiously towards the sky, causing tumultuous rainfall, intense tornados, and booming thunder. Archie moves to the surface within his stolen submarine and receives a call from his other admin, Matt. When Archie asks about the surface conditions, this is Matt's reply: "It's really bad here. We're done! Primal Kyogre is going to sink the entire world. There'll be nothing left!" Much to Team Aqua's dismay (and Kyogre's delight) the world is being torn apart by vicious rainstorms. Archie attempts to stop the whale-like beast, telling it to follow orders, but to no avail. Kyogre, seemingly displeased by its rude awakening, instead charges at Team Aqua's sub at breakneck speed, sending it flying across the waves on impact. Kyogre charges again, this time directly targeting Archie. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, showing Archie in front of Kyogre's massive mouth, but whether or not he actually gets (or got) eaten by it is unknown, But its also said that it maybe was charging on the team.

Known moves

None of Kyogre's moves are known.


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