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Kurt is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Kurt was a friend of the Daycare couple, Professor Oak, Agatha[1] and Pryce. One day, Pryce's two Lapras were killed in an accident, which made Pryce depressed and distance himself from others. His friends, including Kurt, composed a song to cheer him up.[2]

Gold & Silver arc

Kurt crafted a Poké Ball for Silver, thinking he was worthy enough for his services. Later, Gold, who claimed making Poké Balls was a waste of time, was soon yelled at by Kurt. Kurt introduced himself, who crafted special Poké Balls. He commented Gold would use ordinary ones as a rookie, which was an insult towards Gold. Gold decided to prove Kurt wrong by bringing an apricorn, else he would be Kurt's apprentice for the rest of his life. Gold gave Kurt a Grn Apricorn, from which Kurt crafted a Friend Ball.[3]

Eventually, he went to the Slowpoke well, where he was surprised that Team Rocket grunts were defeated at that place. Once his granddaughter, Maizie, arrived, Kurt scolded her for running on her own. Still, he was grateful she was alive and even obtained a Pokémon on her own. Once the situation was cleared, Kurt, Maizie and Bugsy bid farewell to Gold, who continued to pursue Silver.[4]

Crystal arc

During the Pokémon League, Kurt gave Bugsy a net, which allowed Bugsy to instantly catch a Pokémon, while it was captured in the net.[5]

Just as the Masked Man managed to trap Gold and Crystal, he grabbed Kurt and demanded him to make a Poké Ball that can capture time.[6] Kurt denied that he could craft such a Ball. The Masked Man was angry and took a scroll, which showed the details how to make a GS Ball. Kurt knew even if the Masked Man knew how to craft it, he still didn't have the materials. Instead, the Masked Man pointed at Ho-Oh and Lugia he captured and took a Rainbow Wing and a Silver Wing from them.[7]

Emerald arc

Kurt and Maizie were seen on one of the Seagallop ferries, sailing to the Battle Frontier.[8]


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