Kurt is the Poké Ball creator who lives in Azalea Town with his granddaughter and her Slowpoke.



In the Johto Games, he reveals to the protagonist that Team Rocket, which had disbanded after their leader was defeated by Red has returned and that they have taken over the nearby Slowpoke Well, where they are cutting off the Slowpoke's tails which they plan to sell for a high profit. He scares off the Rocket Grunt guarding the entrance to the Slowpoke Well (startled the guard accidentally falls into the well), allowing the player to venture inside.

Upon entering the well, the protagonist runs into an injured Kurt, who asks the player to confront Team Rocket in his place. After the Rockets are defeated, Kurt will check on his granddaughter's Slowpoke (the Slowpoke that's holding Mail for Kurt's granddaughter from her father/Kurt's son) before thanking the player and taking him/her (and Slowpoke) back to his house.

Kurt thanks the player afterwards, giving him/her a Fast Ball (his granddaughter will offer to register Kurt's phone number to the player for saving Slowpoke). Kurt will also offer to take some of the player's Apricorns to create some of his special Poké Balls, telling him/her they will be ready for pickup the next day.

Turning Apricorns into Poké Balls

  • Fast Ball - Made from a WHT Apricorn. You can get these from the back of Kurt's house. Good for catching fast Pokémon (such ones that flee quickly like the three legendaries Entei, Raikou, & Suicune, those with a high speed stat, or Pokémon that possess the ability Run Away).
  • Level Ball - Made from a Red Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon whose level is less-than-half your Pokémon's level. The greater the difference in levels, the more effective it is.(Enemy is less then the level of us is more good, but if it is less than half or quarters, it'll be the best!)
  • Lure Ball - Made from a BLU Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon that have been hooked on a fishing rod.
  • Friend Ball - Made from a GRN Apricorn. Makes the captured Pokémon very fond of you (Pokémon caught with it start off with higher friendship). Good for Pokémon that evolve via friendship even though only golbat is only the Pokémon which evolve via friendship can be caught.
  • Moon Ball - Made from a Ylw Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon that evolve using a Moon Stone (like Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Nidorino, and Nidorina) and their pre-Evolutions (like Nidoran♂ & Nidoran♀).
  • Love Ball - Made from a Pnk Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon of the same species, but opposite gender of your Pokémon.
  • Heavy Ball - Made from a BLK Apricorn. The heavier the Pokémon, the more effective it is. Good for really heavy Pokémon (like Snorlax, Onix, and Steelix).



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Kurt was seen, as a Poké Ball craftsman, along with his granddaughter, Maizie.

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