This Absol is a dark-type Pokémon owned by Koya.


Absol was standing beside Koya when they watched the battle between Cynthia and Mitsumi. Hareta saw Koya and his Absol and wanted to touch his Absol but Koya punched him, telling him to not touch his Absol when he doesn't have permission. Absol then attacked Empoleon with Sucker Punch before Empoleon had even the time to attack.[1]

Absol was able to defeat Jun's Torterra and Jun's Staraptor with just some single strikes. Jun then sent his Dragonite out and it used Hyper Beam. Absol used Detect to dodge Hyper Beam and then used Iron Tail to slam Dragonite into the ground, knocking Dragonite out.[2]

Koya later used his Absol in his battle against Hareta and his Luxio. Luxio used Thunder and Absol dodged the attack. Absol then used Sucker Punch and Iron Tail on Luxio, slamming Luxio into Hareta.[3] After Luxio evolved into Luxray, Koya switched his Absol out for his Metagross.[4]

After Koya's Metagross and Mamoswine were defeated, Koya sent out his Absol to face Hareta's last Pokémon, Empoleon. Absol was attacked by Empoleon's Aqua Jet and before the battle could end, Neo Team Galactic interrupted the battle and placed a bomb in the stadium. Koya then used Absol to crush Neo Team Galactic.[5]

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Known moves

  • Using Sucker Punch
  • Using Iron Tail


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