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|firstappear = [[XY030: Mega Revelations!|Mega Revelations!]]
|firstappear = [[XY030: Mega Revelations!|Mega Revelations!]]
|voiceact = [[Yuka Terasaki]] (Japanese)<br/>[[Lisa Ortiz]] (English)}}
|voiceact = [[Yuka Terasaki]] (Japanese)<br/>[[Lisa Ortiz]] (English)}}
'''Korrina''' is a Gym Leader appearing in ''[[Pokémon the Series: XY]]''.
'''Korrina''' is a [[Gym Leader |Gym Leader]] appearing in ''[[Pokémon the Series: XY]]''.

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For the variant appearing in the games, see Korrina.

Korrina is a Gym Leader appearing in Pokémon the Series: XY.


Korrina hair is blond and has emerald-gray eyes and has a fair complexion. Korrina is wearing a typical skater attire, consisting of a white and red dress and black shorts underneath her skirt. In her left hand she holds the mega-glove, which has the same function as the Mega Ring. She also wears white boots with red heart decals which function as skates. When she isn't battling, she wears red sunglasses in place of her helmet and a gray v-neck over her top as well as white high tops with red wheels fitted in the bottom.


Korrina is a cheerful girl, who loves to exercise on her rolling skates, though sometimes causes comical mischief. She adores her Lucario, who grew with her since they were little. However, when Korrina Mega Evolved Lucario, she was in shock, as she couldn't calm Mega Lucario down from its wrath. Through training with Mabel, Korrina learned she needed to understand Lucario, as it went through the Mega Evolution transformation. She also respects her grandfather, even if she sometimes does not understand his strict principles.


Season 17: XY

Korrina first appeared when she jumped in front of Ash Ketchum and his friends and her Lucario later jumped in front of them aswell. She told Ash that he was her 99th challenger and Ash accepted the challenge. Korrina battled against Ash and his Pikachu with her Lucario and Lucario was able to defeat Pikachu. She then told Ash he wasn't strong enough to defeat the Shalour Gym. Ash didn't know what she meant by that and Korrina stated that she was the Shalour City Gym Leader. Korrina and Lucario joined Ash and his friends the lunch and Bonnie noticed Korrina had a Key Stone. Korrina then told that the Shalour City Gym Leader should have a Pokémon that is able to Mega Evolve and in this case, it should be her Lucario but they didn't have the Lucarionite yet.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Korrina Lucario
Lucario is Korrina's main Pokémon. She has known it since it was a Riolu and is mostly kept outside of the Poké Ball. After Korrina obtained the Lucarionite, Lucario has the ability to Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario. It went berserk, but Korrina managed to subdue its rage and control Lucario. Korrina also used Lucario in the Gym match against Ash.
Riolu → Lucario ↔ Mega Lucario
Pokémon Information
Korrina Mienfoo
Mienfoo is used as Korrina's first Pokémon in the Gym Battle against Ash, but it eventually lost against Hawlucha.
Pokémon Information
Korrina Machoke
Machoke is used as Korrina's second Pokémon in the Gym Battle against Ash. However, it lost when Fletchinder made a direct hit with Flame Charge.


Pokémon Information
Ash Pikachu
Korrina briefly used Ash's Pikachu when she and the rest of the gang got separated. He eventually return to Ash when everyone reunited.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
XY030 Mega Revelations!
XY031 The Cave of Trials!
XY032 The Aura Storm!
XY033 Calling from Beyond the Aura!
XY034 The Bonds of Mega Evolution!
XY043 Origins of Mega Evolution!
XY044 Showdown at the Shalour Gym!


  • Korrina is similar to a few past characters. Among these are:
    • A.J. for having 98 wins when she meets Ash and co. for the first time, having her 99th win after beating Ash, despite him having two badges, and her 100th win after beating Team Rocket.
    • Sabrina and Flannery for having the same voice actress.
    • Maylene for having Lucario as her signature Pokémon.
    • Chuck and Maylene for owning a Machoke.
    • Clair for having a five episode arc before making future appearances.


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