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Kleavor (バサギリ, Basagiri) is a Bug/Rock-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.



Kleavor resembles a bug covered in rocky armor. Its body is tan and black with various pointy stones decorating its body. It has two skinny arms with black shoulder armor and black axe-like stones replacing its scythes. It has two black, curved toes on each of its feet. On its back are two small, white-colored wings. Its face has two black-outlined eyes with black stones decorating its face like a mask, making up what resembles eyebrows and a chin guard. On the top of its head is a single diamond-shaped stone.


Kleavor are territorial creatures that use their blades to mark their territories by carving symbols on tree trunks. After marking their perimeters in this manner, they will fell trees in crisscross patterns to fill them in.

Kleavor often lose small chunks of their bodies to chipping over the course of battles. This chipping actually leaves sharp points behind, making these parts even sharper. Kleavor gauge the strength of potential rivals by the amount of chipping they possess. Because the discarded chips are also sharp, Hisuians frequently harvested them to fashion into weapons. Even today, caches of Kleavor chips are a common marker that archaeologists use to identify Hisuian settlements.

Natural abilities

Due to special minerals found in the Hisui region, parts of Scyther's body have hardened into stone, causing it to evolve into Kleavor. This gives them strong rock armor and sharp edges around their body. The chipped rock that falls from Kleavor's armor used to be used as tools by the people of Hisui.

Kleavor also boasts two axe-like arms used for slicing. It uses them for a variety of tasks including marking territory, fighting opponents in battle, or carving symbols into trees.


Kleavor is evolved from Scyther when it is exposed to a Black Augurite.

Game Info


Version(s) Area(s) Rarity

Pokédex entries

  • Legends: Arceus

    A violent creature that fells towering trees with its crude axes and shields itself with hard stone. If one should chance upon this Pokémon in the wilds, one's only recourse is to flee.


Kleavor's Stats
Sp. Atk
Sp. Def



LevelingGeneration VIII
Level Move Power Accuracy PP Type Category
1 (Learn)
10 (Mastery)
Quick Attack 40 100% 20 Normal Physical
6 (Learn)
15 (Mastery)
Silver Wind 60 100% 15 Bug Special
11 (Learn)
20 (Mastery)
Aerial Ace 60 —% 20 Flying Physical
14 (Learn)
24 (Mastery)
Double Hit —% 10 Normal Status
14 (Learn)
24 (Mastery)
Stealth Rock 40 100% 20 Rock Physical
18 (Learn)
28 (Mastery)
Air Slash 75 95% 10 Flying Special
25 (Learn)
35 (Mastery)
Swords Dance —% 10 Normal Status
29 (Learn)
40 (Mastery)
Stone Axe 65 90% 15 Rock Physical
34 (Learn)
45 (Mastery)
X-Scissor 80 100% 10 Bug Physical
43 (Learn)
54 (Mastery)
Close Combat 100 100% 5 Fighting Physical
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Generation VIII
Games Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP False Swipe Type Normal.gif Physical 40 100% 30
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Rock Smash Type Fighting.gif Physical 40 100% 20
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Aerial Ace Type Flying.gif Physical 60 —% 20
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Stealth Rock Type Rock.gif Physical 40 100% 20
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Swift Type Normal.gif Special 60 —% 20
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Ominous Wind Type Ghost.gif Special 60 100% 15
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Focus Energy Type Normal.gif Status —% 20
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Calm Mind Type Psychic.gif Status —% 10
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Rest Type Psychic.gif Status —% 10
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Psycho Cut Type Psychic.gif Physical 70 100% 10
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP X-Scissor Type Bug.gif Physical 80 100% 10
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Rock Slide Type Rock.gif Physical 75 90% 10
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Giga Impact Type Normal.gif Physical 120 90% 5
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Stone Edge Type Rock.gif Physical 100 80% 5
SWSHIoASWSHCTBDSP Hyper Beam Type Normal.gif Special 120 90% 5
Bold indicates that this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates that an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.




Kleavor resembles a mantis with its arms shaped like battle axes. Its coloration also causes it to resemble the dead leaf mantis.

Kleavor may also be based on the Japanese idiom 蟷螂の斧 tōrō no ono (mantis's axe), an expression that describes a fearless but ultimately doomed resistance against another force. In Japanese, mantises are also alternately referred to as 斧虫 onomushi, literally translating into "axe bug".


Kleavor is a portmanteau of "cleaver" and "razor".