Kincaid was the Vice President of Team Dim Sun and leader of Team Debonairs.


Kincaid has blond hair and black eyes. When he was a teacher, he wore a white shirt with a red shirt. He also wears a purple tie along with the shirts, black pants, and brown shoes. Being a part of Team Dim Sun, he wears the Team Dim Sun uniform along with back glasses.


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Kincaid is first met during the player character's tour of the school as a teacher for the class next door. During the player character's test of courage, he shoos the player character and Keith out of the basement before returning to his lab to check on Isaac's experiment. When several school stylers go missing, Kincaid suspects Keith to be the prime suspect only to be proven wrong. During graduation, Kincaid goes into the basement only to be scared out by rampaging Tangrowth (possible caused by Isaac's experiment).

During the player character's return to the Ranger School, Kincaid is reported to be on a leave of absence for unknown reasons.


Ranger Batonnage - the Comic

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  • No running in the hallways is Kincaid's catchphrase.
  • In his room on the Cargo Ship, he has a book called Preventing Running in Hallways.
  • He has two other books called How to Earn Your Boss's Praise and The Surefire Way to Promotions.
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