This Delcatty, nicknamed Kiki, is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Ruby.


Kiki is one of the Pokémon that Ruby had with him during his move from Johto, it specializes in Cute Contests and loves to chase its tail around and hates being dirtied. As a Skitty, Kiki was surprisingly strong as it was able to defeat a fully evolved Crawdaunt that was attacking Mr. Briney's boat just by inflicting it with Cute Charm and using Double Edge on it by spinning fast enough thus smashing into its shell and cracking it. It later evolves into a Delcatty when its tail touched Steven's Moon Stone that was attached to his belt back when Ruby met him in Granite Cave. During the fight Ruby had with his father, Kiki uses Iron Tail which, revealed by his father, was taught by him back when it was still a Skitty.

Known moves

  • Using Iron Tail


  • In the Chuang Yi translation, Kiki was known as Coco.


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