Key items (たいせつなもの Tai setsuna mono) are special types of items that can be obtained once in the entire game. Key items cannot be sold, disposed of or given to be held by any Pokémon. Key items are usually obtained through tasks and special events.

List of Key items (main series)

Name Description Image
Explorer Kit Explorer Kit (key)
Loot Sack Loot Sack (key)
Rule Book Rule Book (key)
Poké Radar Poké Radar (key)
Point Card Point Card (key)
Journal Journal (key)
Seal Case Seal Case (key)
Fashion Case Fashion Case (key)
Seal Bag Seal Bag (key)
Pal Pad Pal Pad (key)
Works Key Works Key (key)
Old Charm Old Charm Sprite
Galactic Key Galactic Key (key)
Red Chain Red Chain (key)
Town Map Town Map a (key) Town Map b (key)
Vs. Seeker Vs. Seeker (key)
Coin Case Coin Case (key)
Old Rod Old Rod (key)
Good Rod Good Rod (key)
Super Rod Super Rod (key)
Sprayduck Sprayduck (key)
Poffin Case Poffin Case (key)
Bicycle Bicycle
Suite Key Suite Key (key)
Oak's Letter Oak's Letter Sprite
Lunar Wing Lunar Wing (key)
Member Card Member Card (key)
Azure Flute Azure-flute
S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket (key)
Contest Pass Contest Pass (key)
Magma Stone Magma Stone (key)
Parcel Parcel (key)
Coupon 1 Coupon 1 (key)
Coupon 2 Coupon 2 (key)
Coupon 3 Coupon 3 (key)
Storage Key Storage Key (key)
SecretPotion SecretPotion (key)
Vs. Recorder Vs. Recorder (key)
Gracidea Gracidea (key)
Secret Key Secret Key (key)
Apricorn Box Apricorn Box (key)
Unown Report Unown Report (key)
Berry Pots Berry Pots (key)
Dowsing MCHN Dowsing MCHN (key)
Blue Card Blue Card (key)
SlowpokeTail SlowpokeTail (key)
Clear Bell Clear Bell (key)
Card Key Card Key (key)
Basement Key Basement Key (key)
Squirtbottle Squirtbottle (key)
Red Scale Red Scale (key)
Lost Item Lost Item (key)
Pass Pass (key)
Machine Part Machine Part (key)
Silver Wing Silver Wing (key)
Rainbow Wing Rainbow Wing (key)
Mystery Egg Mystery Egg (key)
Photo Album Photo Album (key)
GB Sounds GB Sounds (key)
Tidal Bell Tidal Bell (key)
RageCandyBar RageCandyBar (key)
Jade Orb Jade Orb (key)
Lock Capsule Lock Capsule (key)
Red Orb Red Orb (key)
Blue Orb Blue Orb (key)
Enigma Stone Enigmacrystal
Liberty Pass Liberty Pass (key)
Prop Case Prop Case (key)
Dragon Bone Dragon Bone (key)
Light Stone Light Stone (key)
Dark Stone Dark Stone (key)
Xtransceiver Xtransceiver male (key) Xtransceiver female (key)
God Stone God Stone (key)
Delivered Goods 1 Delivered Goods (key)
Delivered Goods 2 Delivered Goods (key)
Delivered Goods 3 Delivered Goods (key)
Mach Bike File:Mach Bike (key).png
Itemfinder File:Itemfinder (key).png
Wailmer Pail File:Wailmer Pail (key).png
Devon Goods File:Devon Goods (key).png
Soot Sack File:Soot Sack (key).png
Acro Bike File:Acro Bike (key).png
Pokéblock Case File:Pokéblock Case (key).png
Letter File:Letter (key).png
Eon Ticket Eon Ticket Sprite
Scanner File:Scanner (key).png
Go-Goggles File:Go-Goggles (key).png
Meteorite File:Meteorite (key).png
Rm. 1 Key File:Rm. Key (key).png
Rm. 2 Key File:Rm. Key (key).png
Rm. 4 Key File:Rm. Key (key).png
Rm. 6 Key File:Rm. Key (key).png
Devon Scope File:Devon Scope (key).png
Oak's Parcel File:Oak's Parcel (key).png
Poké Flute File:Poké Flute (key).png
Bike Voucher File:Bike Voucher (key).png
Gold Teeth File:Gold Teeth (key).png
Lift Key File:Lift Key (key).png
Silph Scope File:Silph Scope (key).png
Fame Checker File:Fame Checker (key).png
TM Case File:TM Case (key).png
Berry Pouch File:Berry Pouch (key).png
Teachy TV File:Teachy TV (key).png
Tri-Pass File:Tri-Pass (key).png
Rainbow Pass File:Rainbow Pass (key).png
Tea File:Tea (key).png
MysticTicket File:MysticTicket (key).png
AuroraTicket Aurora Ticket Sprite
Powder Jar File:Powder Jar (key).png
Ruby File:Ruby (key).png
Sapphire File:Sapphire (key).png
Magma Emblem File:Magma Emblem (key).png
Old Sea Map Old Sea Map Sprite

Unobtainable Key Items

  • Boat Ticket
  • Contest Pass
  • Magma Rock
  • Red Chain
  • Rule Book
  • Seal Sack
  • Treasure Sack

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