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Key items (大切(たいせつ)なアイテム, Taisetsu na aitemu) are special items that can be obtained once in the entire game. Key items cannot be sold, disposed of or given to be held by any Pokémon. Key items are obtained through tasks and special events.

List of key items (main series)

Name Effect Sprite
Acro Bike Allows for faster travel and performing tricks. Acro Bike Sprite.png Acro Bike ORAS Sprite.png
Adventure Guide Records adventure tips. Adventure Guide Sprite.png
Adventure Rules Gives adventure tips when used. Bag Adventure Rules Sprite.png
Apricorn Box Stores Apricorns. Apricorn Box (key).png
Aqua Suit Required to ride Kyogre and Rayquaza.AS ORAS Aqua Suit sprite.png
Armor Pass Allows access to the Isle of Armor. Armor Pass Sprite.png
AuroraTicket Allows for one-time access to Birth Island. Aurora Ticket Sprite.png
Autograph Autograph Sprite.png
Azure Flute Gives access to Hall of Origin. Azure Flute (key).png
Band Autograph Band Autograph Sprite.png
Basement Key Gives access to the basement of Goldenrod Tunnel.GSCHGSS
Opens the door to New Mauville.RSE
Basement Key (key).png Basement Key RSE Sprite.png
Berry Pots Allows growing Berries. Berry Pots (key).png
Berry Pouch Allows holding Berries. Berry Pouch Sprite.png
Bicycle Has higher travel speed. Bicycle.png Bicycle XY Yellow Sprite.png Bicycle XY Green Sprite.png
Bike Voucher Required to exchange for a Bicycle. Bag Bike Voucher Sprite.png
Black Mane Hair Required for weaving the Reins of Unity. Black Mane Hair Sprite.png
Blue Card Stores points in Buena's Password show. Blue Card (key).png
Blue Orb* Required to encounter Kyogre in Embedded Tower.HGSS Blue Orb (key).png Blue Orb ORAS sprite.png
Blue Petal Required to make Rainbow Flower. Blue Petal sprite.png
Camping Gear Allows Pokémon Camp. Camping Gear sprite.png
Card Key Unlocks doors in Silph Co. building.FRLG
Opens a shutter in the Goldenrod Radio Tower.
Card Key FRLG Sprite.png Card Key (key).png
Carrot Seeds To plant an Iceroot Carrot or a Shaderoot Carrot. Carrot Seeds Sprite.png
Catching Charm Increases critical capture rate. Catching Charm Sprite.png
Claw Fossil* Resurrects Anorith. Claw Fossil.png
Clear Bell Summons Ho-Oh. Clear Bell (key).png
Coin Case Stores coins. Coin Case (key).png
Colress Machine Awakens a Crustle in Seaside Cave. ColressMachineB2W2sprite.png
Common Stone Common Stone Sprite.png
Contest Costume Worn in contests. Bag Contest Costume M Sprite.png Contest Costume Female Sprite.png
Contest Pass Required to join contests. Contest Pass (key).png
Coupon 1 Can be exchanged with the other Coupons for a Pokétch. Coupon 1 (key).png
Coupon 2 Can be exchanged with the other Coupons for a Pokétch. Coupon 2 (key).png
Coupon 3 Can be exchanged with the other Coupons for a Pokétch. Coupon 3 (key).png
Crown Pass Allows access to the Crown Tundra. Crown Pass Sprite.png
Dark Stone Summons Zekrom. Dark Stone (key).png
Devon Parts To be delivered to Captain Stern in the Oceanic Museum. Devon Goods Sprite.png
Devon Scope Allows the player to spot invisible Kecleon. Devon Scope Sprite.png
Devon Scuba Gear Recuired when diving. Devon Scuba Gear Sprite.png
DNA Splicers Fuses and defuses Kyurem with Reshiram. DNALinkPinB2W2sprite.png
Dome Fossil* Resurrects Kabuto. Dome Fossil.png
Dowsing Machine Detects hidden items. Dowsing MCHN (key).png Dowsing MCHN BW Sprite.png Dowsing Machine XY Sprite.png Dowsing Machine ORAS Sprite.png
Dragon Skull BW Dragon Skull.png
Dropped Item To be given to Curtis/Yancy. Bag B2W2 Xtransceiver m Sprite.png Forgotten Item sprite.png
Dynamax Band Allows Dynamaxing on Power Spots. Bag Dynamax Band Sprite.png
Elevator Key Elevator Key Sprite.png
Endorsement Endorsement Sprite.png
Enigma Stone Enigma Stone (key).png
Enigmatic Card Enigmatic Card Sprite.png
Eon Flute ORAS Eon Flute sprite.png
Eon Ticket Eon Ticket Sprite.png
Escape Rope* Escape Rope Sprite.png
Exp. Charm Exp. Charm Sprite.png
Exp. Share Exp. Share Sprite.png
Explorer Kit Explorer Kit (key).png
Fame Checker Fame Checker Sprite.png
Fashion Case Fashion Case (key).png
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Gen VII Sprite.png Fishing Rod SWSH Sprite.png
Forage Bag Forage Bag Sprite.png
Galactic Key Galactic Key (key).png
GB Sounds GB Sounds (key).png
Go-Goggles Go-Goggles Sprite.png Go-Goggles ORAS Sprite.png
God Stone God Stone (key).png
Gold Teeth Gold Teeth Sprite.png
Good Rod Good Rod (key).png Good Rod XY Sprite.png
Gracidea Gracidea (key).png
Gram 1 Gram Sprite.png
Gram 2 Gram Sprite.png
Gram 3 Gram Sprite.png
Grubby Hanky DirtyHandkerchiefB2W2sprite.png
Helix Fossil* Can be revived into Omanyte. Helix Fossil.png
Hi-tech Earbuds Hi-tech Earbuds Sprite.png
Holo Caster Used to communicate with Professor Sycamore, Lysandre, and the player's rivals. Holo Caster Male Sprite.png Holo Caster Female Sprite.png
Honor of Kalos Honor of Kalos Sprite.png
Iceroot Carrot Used to summon Glastrier. Iceroot Carrot Sprite.png
Ilima's Normalium Z Normalium Z Sprite.png
Intriguing Stone Intriguing Stone Sprite.png
Itemfinder Itemfinder.png
Jade Orb Jade Orb (key).png
Journal Journal (key).png
Key Stone Allows Pokémon holding their respective Mega Stone to Mega Evolve. Key Stone.png Key Stone PE Sprite.png
Key to Room 1 Key to Room 1 Sprite.png
Key to Room 2 Key to Room 2 Sprite.png
Key to Room 4 Key to Room 4 Sprite.png
Key to Room 6 Key to Room 6 Sprite.png
Left Poké Ball Poké Ball Sprite.png
Legendary Clue 1 Legendary Clue Sprite.png
Legendary Clue 2 Legendary Clue Sprite.png
Legendary Clue 3 Legendary Clue Sprite.png
Legendary Clue? Legendary Clue Sprite.png
Lens Case Bag Lens Case Sprite.png
Letter Letter Sprite.png
Liberty Pass Liberty Pass (key).png
Lift Key Lift Key Sprite.png
Light Stone Light Stone (key).png
Lock Capsule Lock Capsule (key).png Lock Capsule BW Sprite.png
Looker Ticket Looker Ticket Sprite.png
Loot Sack Loot Sack (key).png
Lost Item Lost Item (key).png
Lunar Wing Lunar Wing (key).png
Mach Bike Allows for faster travel than the Acro Bike but is more difficult to steer. Mach Bike Sprite.png Mach Bike ORAS Sprite.png
Machine Part Machine Part (key).png
Magma Emblem Magma Emblem Sprite.png
Magma Stone Magma Stone (key).png
Magma Suit ORAS Magma Suit sprite.png
Makeup Bag Makeup Bag Sprite.png
Mark Charm Mark Charm Sprite.png
Medal Box Medal Box sprite.png
Mega Bracelet Mega Bracelet.png
Mega Ring Mega Ring.png
Member Card Member Card (key).png
Meteorite Meteorite Sprite.png Meteorite 2 Sprite.png Meteorite 3 Sprite.png Meteorite 4 Sprite.png
Meteorite Shard Meteorite Shard Sprite.png
Moon Flute Moon Flute Sprite.png
Mystery Egg Mystery Egg (key).png
MysticTicket MysticTicket.png
N-Lunarizer N-Lunarizer.png
N-Solarizer N-Solarizer.png
Oak's Letter Oak's Letter Sprite.png
Old Amber*

Old Amber.png

Old Charm

Old Charm Sprite.png

Old Letter

Old Letter Sprite.png

Old Rod

Used for fishing low-level Pokémon. Old Rod (key).png Old Rod XY Sprite.png

Old Sea Map

Old Sea Map Sprite.png

Orange Petal

Orange Petal Sprite.png

Oval Charm

Round Charm sprite.png

Pair of Tickets

Pair of Tickets Sprite.png

Pal Pad

Pal Pad (key).png


Parcel (key).png


Pass (key).png


License sprite.png

Photo Album

Photo Album (key).png

Pink Petal

Pink Petal Sprite.png

Plasma Card


Poffin Case

Used to store Poffins. Poffin Case (key).png

Point Card

Point Card (key).png

Poké Flute

Pokéflute Sprite.png Poké Flute XY Sprite.png

Poké Radar

Poké Radar (key).png

Pokéblock Case

Used to store Pokéblocks. PokéBlock Case Sprite.png

Pokéblock Kit

Used to create Pokéblocks. Pokéblock Kit Sprite.png

Pokémon Box Link*

Pokémon Box Link Sprite.png
Powder Jar Powder Jar Sprite.png
Power Plant Pass Power Plant Pass Sprite.png
Prison Bottle Changes Hoopa's form. Prison Bottle.png
Prof's Letter Bag Prof's Letter Sprite.png
Professor's Mask Professor's Mask Sprite.png
Prop Case Prop Case (key).png
Purple Petal Purple Petal Sprite.png
Radiant Petal Radiant Petal Sprite.png
Rage Candy Bar* Rage Candy Bar (key).png
Rainbow Flower Rainbow Flower Sprite.png
Rainbow Pass Rainbow Pass.png
Rainbow Wing Rainbow Wing (key).png
Red Chain Red Chain (key).png
Red Orb* Red Orb HGSS sprite.png Red Orb ORAS sprite.png
Red Scale Red Scale (key).png
Red Petal Red Petal Sprite.png
Reins of Unity Fuses Calyrex with either Glastrier or Spectrier. Reins of Unity Sprite.png
Reveal Glass ReflectingMirrorB2W2sprite.png
Ride Pager Allows the player to ride Tauros, Stoutland, Lapras, Charizard, Sharpedo, and Machamp. Ride Pager.png
Roller Skates Allows faster travel. Roller Skates Sprite.png
Root Fossil* Can be revived into Lileep. Root Fossil.png
Rotom Bike Allows faster land travel and water travel. Bag Rotom Bike Sprite.png Bag Rotom Bike Water Mode Sprite.png Rotom Bike Sparkling White Sprite.png Rotom Bike Glistening Black Sprite.png
Rotom Catalog Bag Rotom Catalog Sprite.png
Ruby Ruby (Item).png
S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket (key).png
Sapphire Sapphire Sprite.png
Scanner Scanner Sprite.png
Seal Bag Seal Bag (key).png
Seal Case Seal Case (key).png
Secret Key (Sinnoh) File:Secret Key (Sinnoh) FRLG Sprite.png File:Secret Key (Sinnoh) (Sinnoh) (key).png
SecretPotion SecretPotion Sprite.png
Shaderoot Carrot Used to summon Spectrier. Shaderoot Carrot Sprite.png
Shiny Charm Increases the chances of encountering Shiny Pokémon. ShiningCharmB2W2sprite.png
Silph Scope Silph Scope Sprite.png Silph Scope PE Sprite.png
Silver Wing Silver Wing (key).png
Slowpoke Tail* SlowpokeTail (key).png
Sonia's Book Sonia's Book Sprite.png
Soot Sack Soot Sack Sprite.png
Sparkling Stone Sparkling Stone SM Sprite.png Sparkling Stone USUM Sprite.png
Sprayduck Used to water Berry trees grown in Berry Fields. Sprayduck (key).png
Sprinklotad Used to water Berry trees grown in Berry Fields. Sprinklotad Sprite.png
Squirtbottle Used to water Berry trees grown in Berry Fields. Squirtbottle (key).png
Storage Key Storage Key ORAS Sprite.png Storage Key (key).png
Style Card Style Card Sprite.png
Sun Flute Sun Flute Sprite.png
Surge Badge Surge Badge Sprite.png
Super Rod Used for fishing high-level Pokémon. Super Rod (key).png Super Rod XY Sprite.png
Tea Bag Tea Sprite.png
Teachy TV Teachy TV.png
Tidal Bell Tidal Bell (key).png
TM Case TM Case Sprite.png
TMV Pass TMV Pass Sprite.png
Town Map Town Map b (key).png Town Map a (key).png Town Map PE Sprite.png
Travel Trunk Travel Trunk Silver Sprite.png Travel Trunk Gold Sprite.png
Tri-Pass Tri Pass Sprite.png
Unown Report Unown Report (key).png
Vs. Recorder Vs. Recorder (key).png
Vs. Seeker Vs. Seeker (key).png
Wailmer Pail Wailmer Pail Bag Sprite.png
White Mane Hair

White Mane Hair Sprite.png

Wishing Star Bag Wishing Star Sprite.png
Wooden Crown Wooden Crown Sprite.png
Works Key Works Key (key).png
Xtransceiver Xtransceiver male (key).png Xtransceiver female (key).png
Bag B2W2 Xtransceiver m Sprite.png Forgotten Item sprite.png
Yellow Petal Required to make Rainbow Flower. Yellow Petal Sprite.png
Z-Power Ring Allows the use of Z-Moves.USUM Z-Power Ring Sprite.png
Z-Ring Allows the use of Z-Moves.SM Z-Ring Sprite.png
Zygarde Cube Collects Zygarde Cells and Cores.

Teaches Zygarde moves.

Zygarde Cube Sprite.png