This Surskit is a bug/water-type Pokémon owned by Kent.


Kent sent Surskit to battle May's Bulbasaur in the Izabe Island's Contest. Surskit used Double Team, then used Quick Attack. May recalled Harley's advice how Surskit were slow Pokémon, though Surskit hit Bulbasaur with the move. With Water Pulse and Quick Attack, Bulbasaur kept taking Surskit's attacks. May heard from Vivian that Surskit are actually very fast Pokémon, so Bulbasaur launched Razor Leaf, but missed Surskit. Surskit used Double Team once more and evaded Bulbasaur's Vine Whip. Surskit repeated its Water Pulse and Quick Attack combo, but Bulbasaur used Vine Whip, which grabbed Surskit's legs and stopped it. With Bulbasaur's Petal Dance, Surskit was defeated.

Before arriving to Slateport City for May's Grand Festival, she and Ash remembered their past adventures so far. May remembered how she faced Kent and took Harley's advice how Surskit were slow Pokémon. However, Surskit used Quick Attack on Bulbasaur, who took damage. Since May learned from Vivian that Surskit were actually quite fast, her Bulbasaur launched Petal Dance to defeat Surskit.

Known moves

  • Using Water Pulse
  • Using Double Team
  • Using Quick Attack
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