Kenny is a character appearing in the Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, who is a friend and rival of Dawn.


Kenny has red hair and black eyes. He wears a green T-shirt with a white border and stripe, a darker green long-sleeved undershirt, a Pokétch, khaki pants, and green and white sneakers with yellow stripes.

His Contest outfit consists of a short teal jacket with gold trim and shoulder pads, a teal vest over a white dress shirt with a dark teal tie, a pink belt, teal pants with gold vertical stripes, white leggings, and dark teal shoes.


Kenny has an outgoing, cheerful behavior. Being a childhood friend of Dawn, he likes teasing her and sharing moments of childhood days just to embarrass her. Though Dawn never told him about her dream of being a coordinator in childhood he was still glad for her. It is also shown that despite him teasing Dawn, he cares for him as he was worroed when Dawn was depressed after losing contests in a row. When it comes to battling, he is a skilled coordinator as well as trainer. He has defeated Ash many times in a Pokemon battle. He also has a very helpful nature as he helped Ash's Turtwig to learn Energy Ball

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He lives in Twinleaf Town, the same town as where Dawn lives. Kenny always calls Dawn "Dee Dee" because of Dawn's past. Kenny also wants to be a top coordinator. Kenny's Starter Pokémon was a Piplup, now an Empoleon. He also had Ash's Turtwig train a bit about the Energy Ball, which Ash managed to teach Turtwig in full.

During the Sinnoh Grand Festival, he attempted to make a grand combo using Floatzel's Whirlpool against Empoleon's Flash Cannon, but failed and did not go to the next round. After the Grand Festival, he met up with Dawn and asked her to go on a journey with him. While Dawn had to go with Ash to support him in the League, she yelled to Kenny that they will see each other again because they both follow the same dream. It is revealed in the same episode that Kenny has fallen in love with Dawn which is why he wants her to go on a journey with him. Since Dawn rejects Kenny and goes with Ash, Pearlshippers take this as a hint that Dawn loves Ash.

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On hand

Kenny obtained a Floatzel prior to the Grand Festival in Sinnoh. Floatzel has some powerful attacks such as Whirlpool at its disposal which it used in conjunction with Empoleon to create a dazzling appeal, however it slipped up during the appeal which caused Kenny to fail the appeal round.



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