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Kenny is a character appearing in the Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, who is a friend and rival of Dawn.


Kenny has red hair and black eyes. He wears a green T-shirt with a white border and stripe, a darker green long-sleeved undershirt, a Pokétch, khaki pants, and green and white sneakers with yellow stripes.

His Contest outfit consists of a short teal jacket with gold trim and shoulder pads, a teal vest over a white dress shirt with a dark teal tie, a pink belt, teal pants with gold vertical stripes, white leggings, and dark teal shoes.


Kenny has an outgoing, cheerful behavior. Being a childhood friend of Dawn, he likes teasing her and sharing moments of childhood days just to embarrass her. Though Dawn never told him about her dream of being a coordinator in childhood he was still glad for her. It is also shown that despite him teasing Dawn, he cares for her as he was worried when Dawn was depressed after losing contests in a row.

When it comes to battling, he is a skilled coordinator as well as a Trainer. He has defeated Ash many times in a Pokémon battle. He also has a very helpful nature as he helped Ash's Turtwig to learn Energy Ball.


Kenny was a close childhood friend of Dawn. In the nursery, one day, Dawn was chosen to take care of a Plusle and a Minun. As others were giving the Pokémon food, Dawn tightly held Plusle and Minun, which made the latter two uncomfortable and electrocuted Dawn. The latter's hair shined brightly, causing Kenny to dub her as "Diamond Dandruff" or Dee-Dee, shortly.[1]

He laughed, as he had witnessed some of her incidents: getting her hair cut too short, coming to the nursery in pajamas or even crashed the set during a drama play.

When starting his journey, Kenny chose Piplup as his Starter Pokémon. He later competed in a Contest, but was defeated by Zoey.[2]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

After getting electrocuted by her Pachirisu, Dawn heard someone calling her Dee-Dee. Dawn realized it was Kenny, her friend, who called her that because of her bad hair. He mistook Pikachu to be Dawn's Pokémon, to which Dawn pointed out it belonged to Ash. Dawn introduced him to Ash and Brock, while Kenny showed he got a Prinplup as his first Pokémon. He was a bit annoyed that Dawn also chose a Piplup as her Starter Pokémon. Regardless, he pointed out he faced Zoey in a Contest, much like Dawn did. He had also saw Dawn compete, and remembered Ash had done as well, but the latter admitted he was pursuing the Sinnoh League. To embarrass Dawn a bit, Kenny remembered a few stories about Dawn, which embarrassed her a lot. Still, he challenged Ash to a sparring match, just to get a real challenge from a Trainer, which Ash accepted. Ash's Pikachu and Kenny's Prinplup battled one another a bit until Team Rocket appeared, holding Prinplup hostage. Fortunately, Dawn's Piplup learned Whirlpool to protect the heroes and defeat Team Rocket. Kenny was grateful, but reminded that he would still aim to obtain the Floaroma Town's Contest Ribbon.

The next day, Dawn showed her Contest dress to Kenny, who became a bit nervous.[2] After Dawn's first round, Kenny tried to cheer her up, as Dawn felt she could've done more. As Kenny admired Jessilina's performance, Dawn questioned him why he even wanted to participate in Contests. Kenny simply replied that she never saw him perform before. On his turn, Kenny had Alakazam teleport itself and crush the Light Screen with Shadow Ball to dazzle the audience. The two were pleased that they passed the first round, but reminded each other they would to whatever it took to obtain the first Ribbon.

As Dawn beat Jessilina, he faced Kenny in the final round, and the two sides used Piplup and Prinplup. Piplup used Whirlpool to defend itself from Prinplup's Metal Claw and Drill Peck attacks. In the end, Dawn won the round, which made Kenny a bit disappointed. Still, he congratulated Dawn, expecting to run into her again. He bid "Dee-Dee" farewell, making Ash wonder why Kenny called Dawn like that, but the latter did not want to answer.[3] While on their way to Hearthome City, Dawn recalled the events with Kenny.[4]

Kenny and Prinplup won a second ribbon. Dawn, who watched them from a television, swore she would catch up with them.[5] Kenny met the heroes at Solaceon Town. As Dawn was training Aipom, who learned Double Hit, Kenny noted it would evolve into an Ambipom soon enough. Still, he taunted her by calling her "Dee-Dee", but still supported her, after he loss in Hearthome City. He showed he obtained two ribbons so far, but instead of battling Ash (due to their canceled battle), Kenny admitted he had other things to do first: finding Dialga and Palkia first. In truth, he showed them the statue of the two Legendary Pokémon, where he battled Ash. His Breloom fired Energy Ball at Turtwig, inspiring Ash to teach Turtwig this move.

Since Turtwig did not know how to use Bullet Seed (to learn Energy Ball faster), Kenny offered Ash to defeat him to help Turtwig learn Energy Ball. However, Dawn was pulled into the town's ruins, prompting Kenny, Ash and Brock to search for her within. However, Kenny didn't like the ruins, due to the strangeness of the place, despite Ash reminding him not to be nervous. They managed to find Dawn and Team Rocket, but standing on the ceiling. Once the Unown dispersed, the ruins' power wore off, causing Dawn and the rest to fall down. The group managed to reach their way out, and Kenny promised to help Ash teach Turtwig to use Energy Ball.[6] Kenny helped Ash train Turtwig's Energy Ball for a bit. He reminded as long as they were persistent, they could master the move. He walked away, preparing for the Contest.

During the first round, Kenny used Breloom, whose Energy Ball/Mach Punch combo made him pass to the next round. He watched Dawn's performance and was amazed by it, even if she did not pass to the next round. Dawn went to Kenny, being rather cheerful despite her loss, and promised to cheer on Kenny. However, Kenny lost to Jessilee, whose Dustox earned her the victory. As Kenny walked away, he advised "Dee-Dee" to enter the next Contest. Dawn had her doubts, but Kenny swore he wouldn't let her give up on performing in Contests. Dawn promised to participate, but as Kenny walked away, he began to doubt Dawn's words.[7] He watched Dawn's performance in the first round of the Wallace Cup.[8][9]

While the heroes resided in Canalave City, they saw on TV that Kenny won his third ribbon with his Prinplup.[10] While the heroes went to Snowpoint City, a flashfoward of Kenny and Prinplup confronting Dawn and Ambipom in a Contest was shown:[11] Kenny went to Sandalstraw Town to participate in the Contest, where he also met the heroes. Once more, he greeted Dawn as "Dee-Dee", much to her dismay, and met with Barry, too. Noticing Dawn's Piplup trying to evolve, Kenny believed she was doing a good job to have it evolve. Barry then pushed Kenny, reminding him that they had to train for the Ping-Pong tournament as well. As Piplup disappeared, Kenny and Prinplup helped the heroes in finding it, but Prinplup and Barry's Empoleon got attacked by Team Rocket, whose machine grabbed the two Pokémon. Piplup later used Whirlpool to destroy the machine, setting the captured Pokémon free. With Team Rocket defeated, Kenny and Prinplup were ready to participate in the Contest.[12]

Before the Contest began, Kenny visited Dawn, asking when she would use Ambipom. Much to his surprise, Dawn decided to use it in both rounds, as she would have it win the Contest for her and Ash as well, as the former was its previous Trainer. Kenny swore to use Prinplup, to dedicate its victory for himself. During the first round, Kenny sent Machoke, who displayed an impressive strength by lifting the barbell and its Trainer. As he won the first round, Kenny promised to obtain the last two Ribbons and wait for Dawn at the Grand Festival. During the final round, his Prinplup battled Dawn's Ambipom. The two sides clashed, even using one of the bubbles as a Ping-Pong ball to bounce. However, Ambipom was unable to stop Prinplup, whose Drill Peck defeated it. Kenny won the Contest, and obtained his fourth Ribbon. Before parting ways with the heroes, he swore to obtain the last Ribbon, as well as a new Pokémon.[13]

Kenny entered the Grand Festival, where he encountered Dawn and others. He teased Dawn a bit, and admitted he worked on his combo, but would reveal it only at the appeals round. He was surprised a bit that Dawn was not bothered to be referred at as "Dee-Dee" anymore. He did notice Ursula nagging Dawn a bit, sensing something happened between the two. Hearing Zoey and Dawn's promise to face one another in the final round, Kenny became annoyed, for he wanted to become the Top-Coordinator. The next day, Kenny went to approach Ash, and was nearly struck by Gible's Draco Meteor (as Ash was training it). He wanted to know where Dawn was, to which Ash replied that she was getting her outfit ready for the Contest.

Kenny watched Ursula's performance, and was impressed. At his turn, he sent Floatzel and Empoleon out, who used Aqua Jet and Hydro Cannon to spread bubbles around. However, when Floatzel emitted Whirlpool, Empoleon's Flash Cannon was too powerful and struck Floatzel, causing Kenny's performance to degrade. Thus, at the end of the round, Kenny saw that he did not pass to the next round. Still, he swore to train for the next Grand Festival. He wished Dawn luck in beating Ursula and Ash to train his Gible's Draco Meteor before walking away.[14] He watched Dawn's battle against Zoey in the final round of the Grand Festival on television.[15] The heroes later encountered Kenny training his Floatzel at Sunyshore City. Much to their surprise, they also encountered Jasmine, with whom Ash had his Gym Battle against a long time ago. Kenny explained he was mastering his Contest moves, and had Jasmine give her opinion, for despite being a Gym Leader, she also did some Contests to gain experience in other fields.

Kenny also asked what would Dawn do next, even after she supported Ash at the Pokémon League, which made her puzzled. In that moment, Team Rocket arrived to capture Floatzel, but were easily defeated by Flint and his Infernape. After Flint had a brief battle with Jasmine, Kenny asked of Dawn to go with him on a journey if he would defeat Ash in the next battle. Dawn was surprised, while Kenny challenged Ash right away. The latter refused, for he was hungry at that moment. After having the meal, Jasmine noticed Dawn was worried, and advised her that she should choose her own path. Kenny was angry for a bit, but Brock also gave him advice to let Dawn decide, otherwise he would have a heartbreak.

Kenny later continued training his Empoleon when he was visited by Ash and Buizel, who also wanted to train. Buizel and Empoleon glared at each other, so both trainers promised to face each other the next day. They did so, and Kenny used some of Flint's battle style, managing to defeat Ash's Buizel. Kenny turned to Dawn, promising to wait for him at the lighthouse. He did so, and saw a note from Dawn: she would support Ash in the League and pursue her goal to become a Top Coordinator, and believed she would meet Kenny someday. Kenny smiled, and shouted out that he, too, swore to pursue his dreams and meet Dawn someday.[16]

Pokémon - Zoroark: Master of Illusions

Kenny also appeared in the ending scene of the 13th Pokémon movie.[17]


On hand

Kenny obtained a Floatzel prior to the Grand Festival in Sinnoh. Floatzel has some powerful attacks such as Whirlpool at its disposal which it used in conjunction with Empoleon to create a dazzling appeal, however it slipped up during the appeal which caused Kenny to fail the appeal round.