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This Floatzel is a Water-type Pokémon owned by Kenny.


Kenny had Floatzel team up with Empoleon: it used Aqua Jet along with Empoleon's Hydro Cannon. Floatzel emitted a Razor Wind to scatter bubbles, and Empoleon's Metal Claw caused them to glitter. However, when they attempted to do a Flash Cannon-Whirlpool combination, the force of the attacks proved to much for Floatzel to handle and it accidentally knocked Floatzel out, causing Kenny to lose to the appeal rounds.[1]

Kenny was training his Floatzel with Jasmine in Sunyshore City: it used Aqua Jet and Whirlpool combo. Team Rocket later attempted to capture it, but was saved by Flint and Infernape.[2]

Known moves


  1. ^ "Last Call—First Round!", Floatzel has two spots on the back