This Empoleon is a Water/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Kenny.


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During its time as a Prinplup, it helped Kenny win his second and third ribbon. It also has a fierce rivalry with Dawn's Piplup. Prior to the Grand Festival, it evolved into an Empoleon. At the Grand Festival, it performed in the first round with Floatzel but Kenny didn't make it into the next round because his performance failed. While in Sunyshore City, Kenny and Empoleon trained with the Olivine Gym Leader Jasmine and defeated Ash in a Pokémon Battle. Empoleon is currently with Kenny.

Known moves

  • Using Metal Claw
  • Using Drill Peck
  • Using Hydro Cannon
  • Using Flash Cannon

  • Using Metal Claw
  • Using Bubble Beam
  • Using Drill Peck
  • Using Mist

Voice actors


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