This Farfetch'd is a normal/flying-type Pokémon owned by Keith.


IL049 11

Farfetch'd hitting Misty's Psyduck on the head with its leek.

When Keith found Farfetch'd injured on the road, he treated it and began to use him as a partner in stealing. Believing that it is weak in battles, Keith managed to have Farfetch'd kept away from Pokémon fights. When Misty confronted him (as he stole her Poké Balls), Farfetch'd wanted to battle. Though receiving damage from Bulbasaur, it evaded its attacks and hurted it. Mocking Misty's Psyduck, it attacked Psyduck on the head, which caused Psyduck's powers to activate and Farfetch'd got defeated. Keith promised not to steal Poké Balls and went with Farfetch'd on a journey,

Known moves

  • Using Agility
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