Keira is a character that was introduced in Generation IV. Along with Dexter and Jordan, Keira is one of the three Pokémon Contest judges that only appear in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.


Keira is a young girl with brown hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. She carries around a Poké Ball microphone and wears a yellow hairband with a pink heart on it, along with a poofy pink, yellow, and white dress and pink shoes. Like the other Pokémon Contest judges, Keira doesn't have a unique overworld sprite- in her case, she shares her looks with the Idol Trainer Class.


Keira's personality is largely unknown because of the fact that she is always busy and almost never talks to the player character. What is known about her personality is that she is energetic and friendly, though she seems to have problems with controlling her Pokémon.



Despite her somewhat important role, Keira only appears twice if her mandatory appearances as a Pokémon Contest judge are ignored. The player character first meets Keira when they enter Hearthome City, where she is fruitlessly chasing her disobedient Buneary. When the unruly Pokémon's exit is blocked, Keira shows up and returns the Pokémon to its Poké Ball. She then tells the player character to meet her a second time at the Contest Hall, and once they do, Keira rewards them with a Contest accessory. She then goes back to her job, and isn't talked to for the rest of the game.

Surprisingly, Keira is a friend of Johanna. When Keira finds out that Johanna's child is her savior, she becomes completely amazed.


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Keira makes an appearance in Pokémon Adventures. Like the version of her that appears in the games, Keira is a Pokémon Contest judge, and she owns an unruly Buneary. Unlike the version that appears in the games, however, Keira's Buneary in the manga is named "Earma".


In the games, Keira has an unruly Buneary. She calls it her "Baby Buneary", but not much else is known about it.

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