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The Kaz Gym Leader's Electabuzz is Kaz Gym Leader's only known Pokémon.


Electabuzz is always fighting the Yas Gym Leader's Scyther, and, like the Scyther, is enraged to see the color red.

Electabuzz is first seen being commanded to use Thunderbolt on the Yas Gym Trainers in one of their gang wars, which it does with relative ease.

Later on, Ash found out that both Electabuzz and its rival, Scyther have a passionate hatred towards the color red and made necessary arrangements to turn the tides against both sides. Later on, the rival Gyms meet again and have another one of their fights. Kaz sends out his Electabuzz while Yas calls out his Scyther. When attacked by the Yas Trainers' Pokémon, Electabuzz used Thunder Punch to force them off and directed its full attention to Scyther. Ash and his friends as well as the restaurant owner and three local boys spill ketchup on their Trainers, making both Scyther and Electabuzz turn on their respective Trainers in a relentless rage leaving Kaz and Yas at Ash's mercy. When they decided that they had enough, Ash had Bulbasaur dump ketchup on both Pokémon and they both attack each other and are knocked out in the process. Nurse Joy denies both sides from becoming official Gyms for using their Pokémon to endanger the general public in their gang wars and calls them out for it, but she does offer them another chance when they promised to change their ways.

At the end of the episode, Scyther and Electabuzz run the Team Rocket trio (who are covered in ketchup) out of town in another one of their aggressions towards the red color.

Known moves

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