This Gothita is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Katharine.


Gothita is extremely demanding when she appeared. She is also spoiled by her trainer that she tries to get what she wants by having tantrums.


Gothita hit by Ash's Snivy's Vine Whip.

Katharine's partner is Gothita, who actually persuades her to do her bidding. Upon seeing Ash's Scraggy, Gothita asked Katharine to trade one of the Pokémon. Since Ash didn't want to trade, Gothita asked Katharine to use Mandibuzz to battle Tepig, and if she won, she'd have Scraggy. However, Mandibuzz lost and the heroes, as well as Katharine, were forced to go into a lodge during the rain. Later, during the night, Gothita snuck out with Scraggy, but encountered a wild Garbodor. Fortunately, the heroes managed to save them in time, through Katharine's Deerling's Aromatherapy. The next day, Ash's Snivy fought against Katharine's Gothita. Snivy managed to defeat Gothita, who ran away, with Katharine following her.

Known moves

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