Kate is the female playable protagonist in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Originally from Fiore (the setting of the first Pokémon Ranger game), Kate is a Pokémon Ranger that operates in the geographically diverse Almia region.


Unlike Solana (the playable female protagonist of the first Pokémon Ranger game), who appears to be a tall, pretty teenager with long legs, Kate is a short and skinny young girl with a fairly average appearance. She has fair skin, blue eyes (in contrast to Solana's red eyes), and short brown hair that she keeps in two spiky tufts with pink hairbands. (Kate also dresses much more simply and modestly than Solana, who wore a somewhat skimpy and complicated uniform.)

Somewhat notably, Kate wears two different outfits during the game (with her being the only female protagonist in the Pokémon Ranger games to do so). She is also the only female protagonist in the Pokémon Ranger games to change into a separate outfit that she can be seen in (while Solana obviously had a different outfit before she received her uniform in the first game, what she wore is never revealed).

At the start of the game (when she is still in Ranger School), Kate wears a school uniform that consists of an open green long-sleeved vest, a blue collared shirt with a yellow tie, matching blue high-waisted shorts with white cuffs on the bottoms, and long brown boots. (She also wears a black belt with a silver buckle to keep her shorts from falling down.)

After Kate graduates from Ranger School, she wears an outfit that somewhat resembles Solana's (but much more conservative). Her Ranger uniform consists of an open short-sleeved red vest with white buttons, gold trim, and a gold collar, a black and white shirt, black and gold high-waisted shorts with matching black modesty shorts underneath, and black-cuffed red and white high-top shoes that match her vest. To complete her outfit, she wears a red belt with a silver buckle, yellow ankle socks, and black fingerless gloves with white cuffs and red pads over the knuckles.


Similarly to Solana, Kate's personality can be seen through her actions and the dialogue of NPCs, despite the fact that she has no onscreen dialogue of her own. In spite of her young age, Kate is brave and always willing to help others, even if it means putting herself at risk.

However, unlike Solana, Kate doesn't appear as an NPC if she isn't chosen as the playable character. As a result, her personality is somewhat harder to discern.



Before the events of the game, Kate originally lived in the Fiore region. Whether she grew up on tales of Solana/ Lunick's exploits is unknown, but something spurred her to move to Almia in hopes of becoming a Pokémon Ranger.

At the start of the game, Kate enrolls in Almia's Ranger School, where she makes a host of new friends (including Keith and Rhythmi) and quickly proves herself to be a model student. After she nearly discovers her traitorous teacher Kincaid's schemes and performs a number of feats, Kate soon graduates, which fulfills her dream of becoming a Ranger. After graduation, Kate's family moves into the tiny settlement of Chicole Village, where they stay for the foreseeable future.

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