This Kartana is a Grass/Steel-type Pokémon that appeared in the anime. It's one of the Ultra Beasts.


Kartana got out of an Ultra Wormhole at night. It destroyed Viren's statue during a preparation of grand opening of his newly built baseball arena, deeming it ugly. On the next day, it secretly helped Mallow at her home restaurant Aina's Kitchen on cutting a cabbage while she was busy waiting for the dish served from a rice cooker. However, when trying to secretly helped Hobbes cutting the tree pots' grasses, it unintentionally made them scared. At school when the Ultra Guardians are learning how to attack a dummy with a single dummy like a samurai, Kartana secretly give them a sample. It then went to Anela's fruit market on splitting all of her fruits into two halves, then went to the barbershop on manage to give three Furfrou the better haircuts than the hair dresser Yoko herself. It later infiltrated Viren's center where Viren was in a middle of interview on demonstrated the supposed indestructible golden safe box which every strong Pokémon cannot break it, but only Kartana cut it in half and ruins it. As the Ultra Guardians being lured by Kartana back to Pokémon School where it want the Guardians to finish the lesson Professor Kukui provided, starting with a duel accepted from Kiawe's Marowak, it unknowingly caught Team Rocket's attention. Thankfully, Kartana manage to cut Team Rocket's robot in time from being captured. As the meteor about to crash to the Pokémon School by the results between Deoxys and Rayquaza, Kartana fears the Ultra Guardians are powerless to stop the falling meteor, so it decided to help them out. Once its tasks on Earth are complete, it bids the Ultra Guardians a farewell, opening a gate of the Ultra Wormhole.


Kartana is a cutting maniac who enjoys slicing through so called worthless items,though it can be helpful at times.

Known moves

None of Kartana's moves are known.


  • Kartana is one of the two known Ultra Beast Pokémon who can “talk” like humans, while also the only known Ultra Beast Pokémon who speaks like humans.
    • Unlike the majorities of the “talking” Pokémon who talked with human speeches, Kartana’s dialogues are reversed.
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