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Route 8 is a route in Kanto that connects Lavender Town in the East to Saffron City in the West. To the west, there is an entrance to the underground tunnels. In the middle, there is a small "Garden" which is only accessible by using Cut.


Generation I

Versions Pokémon Levels Methods Rates Image
Pidgey 18-20 grass 35% 016.png
Pidgey 20-22 grass 40% 016.png
Mankey 18-20 grass 25% 056.png
Meowth 18-20 grass 25% 052.png
Ekans 17-19 grass 20% 023.png
Sandshrew 17-19 grass 20% 027.png
Growlithe 15-18 grass 20% 058.png
Vulpix 15-18 grass 20% 037.png
Abra 15-19 grass 20% 063.png
Rattata 20 grass 15% 019.png
Pidgeotto 24 grass 10% 017.png
Jigglypuff 19-24 grass 10% 039.png
Kadabra 20-27 grass 5% 064.png