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Route 27 is a route that connects Kanto to Johto. To the east is Route 26, while to the west is New Bark Town. The Tohjo Falls are located in the middle of the route.


The player must use Surf from New Bark Town to reach the land area of this route. When the player reaches land for the first time, someone will greet the player, telling it that it has taken its first step into Kanto. The cave leads to Tohjo Falls, where the player must use Waterfall to navigate the area in order to reach the other side of the ledges of the route.

After exiting from the eastern entrance of Tohjo Falls, the player will find a house of an elderly woman, who will give the player a TM37 (Sandstorm) if its lead Pokémon has maximized happiness. The player must use Surf again to reach the outer lands of the route, where it will encounter various trainers and patches of grass. After crossing a lengthy bridge over a pond, the trainer will find Route 26.


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