Kaminko's House is a location in the game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It is the home of Dr. Kaminko and his assistant Chobin. Michael's younger sister Jovi often visits here without the permission of her mother.


Kaminko's House is located in a rather eerie area that is always shown to have a thunderstorm. The outside of the house appears to be an old manor with two lightning rods on the roof. Inside, it appears to resemble a lab. There is a large television near the front door that displays Chobin talking about Dr. Kamiko's latest inventions. There is also another room that appears to be Dr. Kaminko's rooms. There are two doors that lead to the very large basement where Michael must grab onto pullies to get around.


Michael first had to go to Dr. Kaminko's House after hearing that Jovi has went there. Before Michael can even enter the house, he is stopped by Chobin who think he is a burgler. Michael is then challenged to a Pokémon battle and wins it. Chobin realizes that Michael is just a boy and not a burgler and Jovi suddenly appears from the house. However, she heads back inside to see what Dr. Kaminko was inventing next. Michael eventually told her that they had to go back home.


If Michael fails to snag the Shadow Lugia from Citadark Isle, he is able to capture it here.

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