Kalos Pokémon League is only accessible to players once they have collected all eight Gym Badges and have traveled on Victory Road. At the Pokémon League the player character may challenge the Elite Four, and later Diantha, the Champion.

The Kalos League Building also appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros Wii U. It takes place in each of the Elite Fours rooms.

Pokémon League

Elite Four Malva
Type Fire
668 Pyroar Level 63 Type FireType Normal
324 Torkoal Level 63 Type Fire
609 Chandelure Level 63 Type GhostType Fire
663 Talonflame Level 65 Type FireType Flying
Elite Four Siebold
Type Water
693 Clawitzer Level 63 Type Water
121 Starmie Level 63 Type WaterType Psychic
130 Gyarados Level 63 Type WaterType Flying
689 Barbaracle Level 65 Type RockType Water
Elite Four Wikstrom
Type Steel
707 Klefki Level 63 Type SteelType Fairy
476 Probopass Level 63 Type RockType Steel
212 Scizor Level 63 Type BugType Steel
681 Aegislash Level 65 Type SteelType Ghost
Elite Four Drasna
Type Dragon
691 Dragalge Level 63 Type PoisonType Dragon
334 Altaria Level 63 Type DragonType Flying
621 Druddigon Level 63 Type Dragon
715 Noivern Level 65 Type FlyingType Dragon
Champion Diantha
Type ???
701 Hawlucha Level 64 Type FightingType Flying
697 Tyrantrum Level 65 Type RockType Dragon
699 Aurorus Level 65 Type RockType Ice
711 Gourgeist Level 65 Type GhostType Grass
706 Goodra Level 66 Type Dragon
282 Gardevoir Level 68 Type PsychicType Fairy


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