Kahili is a character appearing in Sun and Moon. She is an Elite Four member of the Alola region.


Kahili has light bluish-white hair in the shaped like Swanna's wings with a cowlick. Her eyes are light blue and has a beauty mark near her left eye. Kahili wears a sky blue visor with a tiny orange patch. Her polo is a light cornflower grey-blue with sky blue stripes, matching her hat, with two blue dot patterns on her polo. Kahili's black golf club has the orange and yellow-colored handle, resembling a Toucannon's beak. In addition, Kahili wears a Z-Ring on her left wrist.


Kahili loves golf and is an expert in the sport. She also loves and uses Flying-type Pokémon. Kahili appears to be prim and having high standards, perhaps a surprising trait for someone so young in age.



Kahili undertook the Kahuna challenge a long time ago. She went to other regions to become a better trainer and a golfer. Hearing the Pokémon League would be established, Kahili flew back to Alola and became the Elite Four member, per Kukui's proposal.


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  • A kāhili is a feather cape that is a symbol of the ali'i chiefs and families of the Hawaiian islands to show they are of royal lineage. Her name also comes from the Kahili Golf Course, located on Maui. Kahili can first be found on Akala Island, which is equivalent to Maui.
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