Justy is a character that appears in the games Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.


Justy is a tall man with blue hair and blue eyes. He also wears a white jacket with yellow markings on it.


Justy appears to enjoy battling as he has created the only Pre-Gym in the Orre region. Justy is also competitve as he is known for having an undefeated streak until his first loss against Wes. After being defeated by Michael, Justy says he was disappointed for losing but gladly says he hasn't lost like that in five years.



Main Games

In both games, Justy's main strategy is to make use of evasive techniques such as Double Team. Also, in Pokémon Colosseum, Justy will only battle trainers that have a full team of six Pokémon. In both games, Justy seems to favor Ground-type Pokémon and make use of their ability Sand Veil. Justy is always battled at his Pre-Gym.


In this game, Justy is the owner and leader of the Pre-Gym in Phenac City. Justy constructed the gym in order to test the strength of his Pokémon in battle. Justy was well known for being undefeatable and winning almost 100 battles. However, his undefeated streak was ended by Wes but Justy gladly took his loss. Justy will remain at the Pre-Gym until Wes visits him again. Justy will then give out the TM for Return to Wes.


Justy still runs the Pre-Gym after five years of the Cipher incident. However, Justy was unprepared for Cipher's sudden arrival and he, along with mayor Trest and most of the citizens of Phenac City, were captured by Cipher and were locked in the basement of the Pre-Gym. At the time, the Hexagon Brothers all impersonated Justy and ran loose through Phenac City. After Michael defeats Snattle and takes the key, to free everyone, Justy comes out and thanks Michael for freeing him and everyone else. Justy tells Michael he seen Cipher around in the desert and that's may be where their hideout is. Justy then askes for Michael's PDA number saying he will contact him once he gets the Pre-Gym up and running again. Justy eventually does (after Michael reaches the S.S. Libra) and has Michael battle some trainers before battling Michael himself. Justy is defeated again but is happy saying he hasn't lost a battle like that in five years. Justy will then hand over the TM for Double Team to Michael as an reward for defeating him.



Side Games



  • In both games, Justy's last Pokémon is always Nosepass.
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