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For the other variants of Tangrowth belonging to Jupiter, see Jupiter's Tangrowth.

This Tangrowth is a grass-type Pokémon owned by Jupiter.


Jupiter sent Tangrowth, who reflected sun rays to amplify Sableye's Shadow Sneak, so it could simultaneously attack Platinum's Empoleon and Maylene's Riolu. When Candice sent Abomasnow to attack, Tangrowth reflected the sun rays for Sableye to attack them. Since Abomasnow resisted the attack, Tangrowth used Natural Gift to burn Abomasnow down.[1] When Uxie emerged, Jupiter went to capture it. Platinum had Rapidash burn down the net, but Jupiter's Tangrowth defeated it with Natural Gift.[2] Platinum went to Snowpoint Temple with the unconscious Maylene and Candice, who were carried by her Rapidash, and admitted that Jupiter and her Pokémon were too powerful for them.[3]

Jupiter went back to Veilstone City with her Tangrowth, and met up with the other two commanders, Saturn and Mars, as they went to report to Cyrus the success of their mission.[4] Platinum remembered Jupiter's Tangrowth, and explained its attacks to Volkner.[5] Tangrowth was with Jupiter, who reported an intruder in Veilstone City. Cyrus ignored that, and asked of his commanders to go to Spear Pillar at Mt. Coronet.[6]

At the Spear Pillar, Jupiter faced Maylene and Candice. She sent Tangrowth, Sableye and Gastrodon against the duo's Pokémon.[7] With her comrades defeated, Jupiter had Tangrowth use Natural Power against Candice's Abomasnow and Maylene's Riolu, who used Ice Shard and Aura Sphere. The two sides exchanged blows, but Jupiter and Tangrowth fell defeated.[8]

At the Distortion World, Charon was being chased by a bunch of trainers seeking revenge, so he had Jupiter and Tangrowth face Marley and Arcanine.[9] Tangrowth used Natural Gift, which electrocuted Arcanine. Jupiter swapped Tangrowth's berry and had it repeat its attack, which soaked Arcanine. Marley was in disbelief that the same move had different types, but Platinum gave her the Vs. Recorder. Knowing that the type of the move changed depending on the berry, Marley's Arcanine evaded the attack of the Rock-type Natural Gift, to which Jupiter sensed that Marley was predicting her moves.[10] Their battle got interrupted by Giratina, who passed by them.[11]

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