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This Skuntank is a Poison/Dark-type Pokémon owned by Jupiter.


Jupiter used Skuntank to steal the Lustrous Orb: while everyone was distracted, Skuntank snatched the orb from the pedestal at the research center.[1]

In Fuego Ironworks, Jupiter had Skuntank attack Looker, a spy posing as a Team Galactic grunt, and later did the same to Team Rocket, who were infiltrating the factory. As the heroes went to Fuego Ironworks, Jupiter had Skuntank use Flamethrower on them, to which Piplup countered with Bubble Beam. As the two sides repeated their attacks, the heroes' Pokémon surrounded Jupiter. Jupiter had Skuntank use Toxic to distract them, as she escaped in a helicopter.[2]

As Azelf was captured by Team Galactic, Uxie went to rescue it, but was intercepted by Jupiter and Skuntank. Skuntank distracted Mesprit long enough for Team Galactic to capture it. As Ash, Brock and Dawn were teleported by the Lake Trio to Team Galactic Headquarters, Jupiter sent Skuntank to restrain them.[3] Jupiter had Skuntank attack the heroes with Iron Tail, before they got captured. Jupiter also noticed Looker and Team Rocket posing as Team Galactic grunts, so her Skuntank used Flamethrower to destroy their disguises and capture them. As she was standing guard at the gateway to the Spear Pillar, Jupiter's Skuntank was attacked by Garchomp's Giga Impact. Skuntank was pushed away and Garchomp captured Jupiter, allowing Cynthia to free the hostages.[4]

Known moves

Move notes

  1. ^ This move cannot normally be used by Skuntank.