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Lunick at the entrance to the Jungle Relic.

The Jungle Relic (Japanese: ジャングルのいせき Jungle Ruins) is an ancient temple situated in the Fiore region featured in the Pokémon Ranger video game. It is located within the Olive Jungle to the north of Summerland. A statue of Entei is found in the relic with unlit flames leading up to it. The Jungle Relic is renowned for its four challenges, all of which are designed to test the skills of a Ranger. However, it is said that a disaster will occur if all four are completed. After several warnings not to complete the fourth, Solana and Lunick travel to the relic to test their skills.

There are four challenges that Pokémon Rangers must successfully complete in order to continue through the Jungle Relic. The challenges are as follows:

  • Destruction Challenge: There are many jewels that require a particular field move to break. A Salamence must be captured to light the purple flames.
  • Water Challenge: Cross a narrow bridge while avoiding attacks from a group of Gyarados. At the other end, two Kingdra must be captured to light the blue flames.
  • Wind Challenge: Travel through a winding road being wary of the strong winds. Then capture a Flygon to light the green flames.

After the three challenges are completed, the Go-Rock Squad trick Lunick and Solana into capturing a Charizard, thus completing the fourth challenge. When red flames emerge from around the statue, it becomes an actual Entei and a volcanic eruption completely alters the area, attracting many wild Pokémon. The Rangers make their way further into the relic where they temporarily foil Gordor's plans to capture Entei. In a mission after the credits, Groudon rests at the Jungle Relic after a battle with Kyogre.

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