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The Juice Shoppe (しるや, Juice House) is a shop in Lumiose City Autumnal Avenue that makes different kinds of Berry Juice.


The man on the left counter sells pre-made premium Berry Juice that changes every day, whereas the woman on the right counter allows the player to make custom Berry Juice once per day using two of the player's Berries from the Bag. These juice must be given to a Pokémon in the player's party after being brought or made; if the player does not want their Pokémon to drink the custom-made juice, the woman will drink it instead.

Berry Colors and Groups

Each Berry has a color and group that determines which colored juice that will be made and how strong the juice is.

Color Berry/Berries
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Purple Chesto Berry.png Bluk Berry Sprite.png Cornn Berry Gen III.png
Pamtre Berry.png Belue Berry Sprite.png
Payapa Berry.png Kasib Berry Sprite.png Colbur Berry Sprite.png Wiki Berry.png Ganlon Berry.png Enigma Berry Gen III.png
Red Cheri Berry.png Leppa Berry.png Razz Berry.png Spelon Berry.png Occa Berry.png Chople Berry.png Haban Berry.png Figy Berry.png Pomeg Berry Gen III.png Tamato Berry.png
Liechi Berry.png Lansat Berry.png Custap Berry.png
Yellow Aspear Berry.png Pinap Berry.png Nomel Berry.png Sitrus Berry.png Wacan Berry.png Shuca Berry.png
Charti Berry.png Chilan Berry.png
Iapapa Berry.png Qualot Berry2.png Grepa Berry.png
Kee Berry.png Jaboca Berry.png
Blue Oran Berry.png Passho Berry.png Yache Berry.png Coba Berry.png Kelpsy Berry.png Apicot Berry.png Maranga Berry.png Rowap Berry.png
Green Rawst Berry Sprite.png Wepear Berry.png Rabuta Berry Gen III.png Durin Berry.png Lum Berry.png Rindo Berry.png Kebia Berry.png
Tanga Berry.png Babiri Berry.png
Aguav Berry.png Hondew Berry.png Salac Berry.png
Starf Berry.png Micle Berry.png
Pink Pecha Berry.png Nanab Berry Gen III.png Magost Berry.png Watmel Berry.png Persim Berry.png Mago Berry.png Petaya Berry.png Roseli Berry.png


As the player's stylishness increases, pre-made colored juice, Rare Soda and finally Ultra Rare Soda become available for purchase.

Juice Effects Selling
Colorful Shake Raises friendship Poké Dollar.png100 multiples
friendship value
All recipes outside
of the ones below
Purple Juice Raises HP EV and friendship Poké Dollar.png100 multiples EV Two purple Berries
Red Juice Raises Attack EV and friendship Poké Dollar.png100 multiples EV Two red Berries
Yellow Juice Raises Defense EV and friendship Poké Dollar.png100 multiples EV Two yellow Berries
Blue Juice Raises Sp. Atk EV and friendship Poké Dollar.png100 multiples EV Two blue Berries
Green Juice Raises Sp. Def EV and friendship Poké Dollar.png100 multiples EV Two green Berries
Pink Juice Raises Speed EV and friendship Poké Dollar.png100 multiples EV Two pink Berries
Rare Soda Raises level by 1-3 Poké Dollar.png10,000 multiples level Lansat Berry.png + Starf Berry.png
Ultra Rare Soda Raises level by 4-5 Poké Dollar.png10,000 multiples level Enigma Berry Gen III.png + Roseli Berry.png
Perilous Soup Resets EVs to zero Not sold Kee Berry.png + Maranga Berry.png

In-Depth Effects

Pre-made Colorful Shake increases a Pokémon's friendship by a random number between 10 and 100 points. How many friendship points a custom-made Colorful Shake increases depends on the groups of the Berries the player uses.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Group 1 12 16 24
Group 2 16 24 32
Group 3 24 32 32

Colored juice adds a random number between 4 and 32 to a specific stat's EV. Those made by the player adds a different amount of EV depending on the group of the used Berries, as well as if both Berries used are the same.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Same Berry 4 8 12
Group 1 8 12 16
Group 2 12 16 32
Group 3 16 32 32

If a Pokémon that has a stat with maxed EV is given a colored juice of the same stat, it raises the Pokémon's friendship instead.

Pre-made Rare Soda and Ultra Rare Soda raise the level of a Pokémon by 1-3 and 4-5 respectively. Custom-made Rare Soda and Ultra Rare Soda, however, always raise their level by 3 and 5 respectively.