This Kingdra is a water/dragon-type Pokémon owned by Juan.


After meeting up with Ruby and Sapphire, Juan sent his Kingdra. It used its own power to show a projection, where the Elite Four, as well as Steven and Wallace, were at Sootopolis City to try control the power Groudon and Kyogre were emitting. Ruby also battled Juan by having Castform, Fofo, use Weather Ball, but was intercepted by Kingdra's Water Pulse.[1]

Just as Ruby and Sapphire were to leave Mirage Island, Juan explained he, Tate and Liza would watch Ruby and Sapphire battle in Sootopolis City.[2] Sprinkling the water, Kingdra revealed an image of the battle in Sootopolis City, while Juan, Liza and Tate commented on the crisis.[3][4]

Known moves

  • Using Water Pulse


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