This Houndoom is a dark/fire-type Pokémon owned by Joshua.


Joshua teamed up with May and sent Houndoom to battle alongside Skitty against Team Rocket. Seviper, after using Haze, tried to use Bite and Cacnea used Needle Arm Houndoom fired Swift, which stopped Cacnea and Seviper's attacks. Seviper charged with Poison Tail and Cacnea fired Pin Missile, but both were burnt by Houndoom's Flamethrower. After Bulbasaur's Petal Dance hit Team Rocket's Pokémon, Seviper repeated using Bite and Cacnea used another Needle Arm. Skitty's Assist turned into Fire Spin and along with Houndoom's Shadow Ball, Cacnea and Seviper took more damage. Just as May wanted to have Skitty launch another Assist, Erica had her Jynx use Hyper Beam to finish Team Rocket for good. During the first round of the Contest, Houndoom used Shadow Ball and Swift, which earned Joshua the place in the next round.

In the next round, Houndoom was sent to battle May's Skitty. Skitty dodged Houndoom's Swift and tackled it. Skitty went to use Double Slap, but was slammed by Houndoom's tail and hit by Shadow Ball. Skitty launched Blizzard, but was not powerful enough to counter Houndoom's Flamethrower and got burned. Just as Houndoom fired another Swift, Skitty used Assist, which turned into Razor Leaf that negated Swift. Skitty managed to tackle Houndoom and just as it went to use Double Slap, she got hit by Houndoom's Shadow Ball. Houndoom fired another Flamethrower, while Skitty launched Blizzard. This time, Skitty's Blizzard attack was equal in power to Houndoom's Flamethrower. Both Pokémon launched their attacks at full power, which caused a collision that blew Houndoom away. In the end of the battle, May loss less points that Joshua did, making her the winner of the battle.

Known moves

  • Using Swift
  • Using Shadow Ball
  • Using Flamethrower
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